One Amazing Bathroom Renovation

The tale of two bathrooms
"Before and "After"

My son bought a small house right behind his at a Sheriff's auction at a very good price.  
Since it's location is adjacent to his two lots it makes it a compound now, with two houses and an lovely grassy vacant area between them.  

It is slated now as a guest house and I am the guest!  I can stay here part of the year and stay in my own home in Florida all winter.  

He and I (me being the assistant) have spent five week renovating the bathroom! We could have gone a bit faster but Billy is meticulous about everything and doesn't move on until it's right.  

Above and below are two, before an after pictures.  It was definitely due a renovation.  

Day 1 
Billy pulled off the plastic surround piece from around the tub and attempted to break up the bathtub with a sledge hammer as he had done in his house next door 15 years ago. 

Note:  This is his second bath remodel, the first one was his bathroom 15 years back.

After swinging a heavy sledge hammer a number of times and breaking a couple 
of them we went to the internet to see why a cast iron tub was so stubborn.  We discovered it was a steel tub. It didn't need to be broken,  He used a crowbar and pried it out and he and I lifted it easily out of  the bathroom!  

However we discovered the onslaught had broken the drain.  He needed a plumber at that point and the plumber pointed out it had almost rusted through.  Had he not broken it, it would have maybe lasted a year or so longer and when it did break they would have had to jack hammer up the new shower to replace it.  God is good!  Now a spanking new drain is in place.  

The toilet was working at this point but I worried about what might crawl out from under the house during the midnight visits....

All the tile was removed  and the cement board was crumbly and 70 years old,  so he took that out too.  Then Billy decided to put in a new window too.  The old one worked fine but an old window in the new shower was hard to imagine so he removed the window....

It was crumbly after removing the tile here also, so what didn't get removed was scraped and smoothed so the new wainscoat would lie properly.

All the valves looked like this so they were all replaced.  Billy sweated copper himself waving a torch around until I just couldn't look!  I kept waiting for the house to blow up, but he was successful and the valves are gleaming new.  

We mixed cement and placed the shower base in and it fit perfectly!  No easy feat!  

Next we put in the floor, Billy doing the cutting and placing of the tile and me mixing up batches of mortar and supplying him with spacers.  It turned out lovely.  It's tile but looks like wood! 

He put in the new window, filled the space with insulation and then added furring strips.  
At this point I was more comfortable using the bathroom at night...nothing was going to crawl out of those walls!  (Nothing ever did come up from under the house or in the walls)

Then cement board was pieced in and it really felt like a room again!

He smoothed all the sides using tape and mortar the joints and screws to make sure it is perfectly smooth.  

We put in the inset tile first then tiled around it. 

The inset featured tile is so pretty and sparkly.  You can't tell yet...

Billy got so good with the cutting of tile he free-handed this circle piece! 

During the process we went to Lowe's a hundred times a week and Stout came with us.  Lowe's love dogs and Veterans so we patronized them as much as we could.  

Stout made friends with many of the clerks and customers each visit.  He is quite the socialite.  
He also received treats from a number of clerks each visit.  They all knew his name!  

  No wonder he was excited whenever we said word "Lowe's" !! 

The toilet went in first, with James helping after Billy hurt his neck and had lost a day at the ER.  Billy was hovering and antsy at not being able to do the job.  The first screw though was dropped down the drain.  We lost an hour fishing it out!  But it went fine after that and we admired James' ability to step in and help us out.  

We struggled to put in the new sink and the large mirrored medicine cabinet.  Every job was figuring, measuring, remeasuring and remeasuring.  Drilling, nailing, plumbing and more plumbing.  It was beginning to look like a real bathroom!  

The worst of the renovation was the days when the water was shut off.  I found a Shell gas station and Kroger's great places to use the facilities!  But that was all part of the struggle.  

Here are the photos James took of the finished project!   

I love the backsplash we put in.  It matches the inset tile in the shower.  

I had fun decorating the room!
I found these granite cubes with real plants in them to match the inset granite tile.  

I bought a teak shower chair to shower in relaxed comfort!  

All of the fixtures were Moen and really beautiful!  Remember the hole Billy cut in the tile?  Perfect!  

Duplicating the original shot James took when Billy took possession of this forclosed home. 

You can see we painted the walls a brownish gray and duplicated it on the cupboard.  Also put updated handles on the cupboard and the four drawers beneath.

Plants are nice in a room.  I loved the glass shelf he picked out from Moen.

The view from the shower

The vanity with sparkling valves and pipes behind those closed doors.  

New towels

Over head shots

It's hard to realize my son is so handy he can redo an entire bathroom so effortlessly.  (haha) not was a struggle but the Lord intervened time and time again and got us through it.  Praise God!   

All the Spec's!  

We put in a DreamLine Shower door that I'm really happy with, so beautiful and rolls so smoothly! The toilet is Kohler Cimarron Complete Solution 2-piece 1.28 GPF Single flush round toilet in white.  The tile is Italian Tile called Roman Stone.  I used the Roman Beige color.  The flooring is Marazzi Montagna in the color Saddle.  The vanity is Glacier Bay Artisan 24 in. W in Java, with a cultured marble vanity top in white.  The Javas color has to be special ordered and is a bit higher priced than the other colors.  The mirror is Glacier Bay 24 in. W.  X 29-1/8 in. H.  Framed recessed or surface-Mount bathroom Medicine Cabinet in Brushed Nickle.   We surface mounted it as it has mirrored sides.   The accent tile is called Elida Ceramica Earth Cubes stainless Mosaic glass/metal/stone slate wall tile.  Fixtures were Moen.  The shower was Moen Ashville Eco-Performance single-handle 1 spray shower faucet with valve in Spot Resist Brushed Nickel. The faucet was Moen Oxby Spot Resist 2-Handle 4-in Centerset WaterSense Bathroom Faucet and the towel bars and hook, toilet paper holder and toilet handle was from the Moen Banbury Collection.  The window is a  ThermaStar by Pella  Single hung.   The Sconce is from Lowe's also. Portfolio 4-light 10.4 - in.  Brushed nickle vanity light.  24 inches wide.

  I'm not sponsored by any of the companies I mentioned, I only mentioned them to be helpful to anyone wanting to duplicate any of the pieces in the bathroom.

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Maggie said…
What a great job you all did, it looks fabulous now. How lucky are you to "be his guest" whenever you want!
Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday this week, hope you'll come back often.
Sylvia said…
It turned out really nice. I need a walk in shower as I get older. Enjoy!
Rebecca Halley said…
Wow what a great bathroom. I can see why you didn't have time to art lol. But it is its own piece of art!
rebecca said…
Lucky you - How wonderful to have this place to be home-away-from-home AND a generous and skilled son, too!
It looks gorgeous. Using the clear glass shower door really opened the room up and made it look bigger. And the flooring is so pretty. I have gotten the altered book...journal bug and wish you were close to get me started. I've gathering ideas right now. It's hard to know where to start and how but I love journals and want to try to make one. I know you've enjoyed making them. Hugs, Diane
Cheapchick said…
Wow Jeannie Marie, what a transformation! Your son is so talented. What a beautiful bathroom for your visits. You are a lucky lady :)
Just gorgeous makeover with such beautiful neutral tones. You will love using the walk in shower too.
crazyhorseladycx said…
wowzer! i need to borrow that sweet son'f yers :) y'all did a beautiful job 'n 'tis so nice to see that some menfolk actually finish what they've started, lol. big hugs!
Angie said…
I am always impressed when people can stand the mess of a renovation to get to the reward of a new beautiful room. And what a reward it is - so fresh and updated. Congratulations to you and your son for a wonderful outcome!
Patty said…
What an amazing bathroom! Billy! You're AWESOME!! I would LOVE to duplicate it here...I'm working on just updates like new paint and shower curtain in our guest bath...! If only...!
Jeanne, you are one BLESSED mom! Love you both!!!
Joy H said…
Love it! The tile and flooring are amazing. Enjoy :)
Cherdecor said…
I think that you and Billy could go into flipping houses. Everything even down to the towels is lovely, lovely, lovely! It was an amazing transformation! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

That Stout is so adorable! Love him!

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