Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Boardwalk at Walt Disney World

The Boardwalk at Disney World is something we discovered for the first time last week.  It is something like  a smaller scale Downtown Disney but it's a resort hotel with condominiums as well.  

As with the Grand Floridian, the period is Victorian.  You are whisked to Atlantic City, NJ when you step through the doors onto the old boardwalk. 

The foyer at The Boardwalk Inn

Just through the foyer is a small lobby, the light fixture overhead is prancing carousel horse/mermaids. 

 The theme is followed through with the circular lobby bench below it is boasting a carousel that was handcrafted in 1920 at Cony Island.

 The resort was decorated for Christmas with enormous swags everywhere and huge decorated trees.

 The gingerbread gazebo was spicy and fragrant with Donald Duck coming out of the chimney.

 A carousel elephant decorated the huge mantle.

 A life size gingerbread house also wafted delicious spiciness.  It was alongside the gingerbread gazebo. In the evening, gingerbread roof tiles are available to guests.

A replica of the coaster at Atlantic City across the hall from the gift shop.

Everywhere touches of carousel decor delighted.

We went out to the boardwalk and the day was quite chilly with scattered showers.  The clouds and cold kept everyone inside except for brave souls like us.  We had the "seacoast" practically to ourselves.  

Outside to the left shops and a dance hall.  It is open and busy every evening.  The whole area is a mecca for young couples staying at the resorts looking for fun.  The dance hall and saloons are open until 1:00 a.m.  

More shops to the right, a bakery, restaurants, sports places.  Note the weathered boards of the boardwalk.  

Little outdoor stands sold beverages 

Our lunch was a delicious traditional hot dog from one of the stands.  They told us it was all beef but I wish now I had asked the brand name as well!

It was delicious, eaten outdoors while we enjoyed the blustery weather.

Here is the cute hot dog stand.

We took a water taxi from The Boardwalk to other areas of Walt Disney World and you can see the view from the "ocean".  

 Just past the shops there was a large gazebo where a wedding was being held.
We had seen Micky and Minnie and Pluto running in that direction but didn't see the wedding party until we were on the water.  Was Minnie and Mickey the Maid of Honor and Best Man?  They were guests for sure as we observed photos being taken with them. 

We really enjoyed our time at The Boardwalk.  We definitely will be returning.  We only explored two resorts from this location and there are two more on the water taxi route.  There is no admission to go and when the weather is nicer there are many more carts and events going on.  

I encourage you to click on the photos to see more detail.  The light soft, the haze thick and misty.  It wasn't your ideal day, but any day at Disney is a fun day. 


Holiday Dalmatian

Hunt for the shadow
Life is never obvious
Merry Christmas all

The Dalmatian is located in Georgia near Savannah.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Disney Christmas

We took a trip over to see James and Rachel and celebrate their birthdays.  They had come to celebrate their first anniversary and see the new Fantasyland.

It was a great start, because when we arrived at Downtown Disney There was a huge double rainbow.  We got it from this angle, James took a fantastic picture of the whole bow over the entire area as they came over from Port Orleans by boat.

James stopping to answer a birthday call as 12/12/12 was actually his birthday! 

After shopping and a great dinner at Rainforest Cafe we went to the Grand Floridian
 to see the decorations. 

The Gingerbread house was life size!   

And we found some hidden Micky's (can you spot them?)..... we hung out in the lobby.

The next morning as James and Rachel went to the Magic Kingdom, Bill and I visited resorts.  This is quite a thrifty way to enjoy Disney without the price tag.  Each resort is open to visitors to come and visit even if you are not a guest.  You can absorb the atmosphere and wander through their beautiful gardens at your leisure without all the hustle and bustle of staying and rushing off to the parks.  

Here is a quick preview of the day.  It was chilly and rainy but we really enjoyed seeing the fabulous Disney Decor.  Later, I'll do a post on each resort.  

Here is the Gingerbread house at The Boardwalk 

A Map.
  I never knew this place existed.  More details in another post later. 

 We took the water taxi around to the Yacht Club

And to the Dolphin Resort 

Where the decorations were blue, white and silver

Orchids everywhere

And windows filled with Christmas tree ornaments.

It was a wonderful two days!  
Merry Christmas!

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wild Horses at Assateague Island

Wild Horses at Assateague Island

It was a reverse
They came enmasse to see us
A red letter day

Usually you have to scour the island to see the wild horses and the rangers said it would be lucky to see more than one or two during a visit. But when we were there there was a herd right in the parking lot and everywhere we went the wild horses were out in the open.  We saw dozens.