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A Little Ruby in One's Life is a Good Thing

Ruby's Flowers

While visiting William and Ruby I just had to take home this shot of a brilliant Ruby Zinnia in a pot on the deck in her back yard.
She has masses of Daisies, Black Eyed Susan's, Hydrangea's, Lavender.  But it was the single red bloom that caught my eye.

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A Mellow Yellow Monday

It's a beautiful morning here in Ohio!

I made this totem whimsy from a few dishes I found while thrifting for my hostess with the mostess. 

Totem's can be used at the table or in the garden.  If you use it outside here in Ohio, it must be brought in during the winter as ice and snow will crack ceramic and glass items.

I hope she likes it!

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Musings of an Old Dog

Old Dog

Sun warm on her back Reflecting on her future To lie down or not

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Welcome Roses

These are my favorite color roses!   When we arrived at my daughters they were here to welcome us!

Kentucky in the Morning

Trimmed in green and blue....

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A Word to the Wise is Sufficient

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Wordless Wednesday

Thrifting Treasures

My sister, Janet invited me to breakfast this morning and while we were finishing the coffee we decided to make a run to the local Salvation Army store to go thrifting.  I'm a thrifter that has been on the wagon for quite some time, due to lack of space!!  
Today I fell off the wagon. 
These Melmac trays are fun to and I always pick them up when I find them, which isn't often.  This set had four trays, two of each picture.  Wonderful graphics!   They were marked Made in Italy.  

A cute saucer that will make a perfect center for a garden flower plate!  Look at one of my finished plates HERE
 This one is a bowl, somewhat like a flat soup bowl but has is hand painted and designed to be hung.  It has two holes in the base for wire.  I plan to turn it into a table whimsey by  matching it with a crystal candlestick.  What is a table whimsey, you ask?   Click here: Table Whimsey
The bowl is vintage pottery and I love the soft green color and the rings around the side! 

I believe it&…

Anne of Green Gables Came to Life in Tampa

It may not have been Prince Edward Island but for me, a modern "Anne with an E" came to life this weekend. 
We were at Tampa Union Station built in 1902

I was admiring the clock tower, which of course didn't show the correct time.
I was sitting on a bench, reveling in the vintage look of the old station trimmed in Yellow and Green
 When I turned to my right and there in a straw hat and long braid and slightly auburn hair sat Anne and a modern looking Marilla straight out of the pages of Anne of Green Gables! 
We began to chat and this grandmother was taking her granddaughter on a cross country trip by rail.  Beginning in Tampa then on to New York, Chicago, Albuquerque, Los Angeles and on home to San Francisco.  
It wasn't a wincy dress she was wearing, this modern Anne with an E, but she was Anne all over.  
The train was called while we chatted and off they went 
and then they were gone. 
A storybook came to life for a brief moment in time.  Anne of Green Gables is…


They're long in the tooth Walking the beach silently Together today

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Beautiful Sunday

The Glorious Fourth

We were dazzled with a beautiful sunny morning on the Fourth of July 

But it quickly went downhill from there, and repeated a pattern that has been ongoing for quite a few days here in beautiful coastal Florida. 

Dinner plans were not altered however, as we had decided earlier to picnic at a favorite restaurant, Pit Boss in Port Richey, Florida

 My sisters and I
And  Mom with her sons in law! No, she's not tugging their ears to draw them close!  
What a fun evening!  Janet prepared a game, questions about the flag that became hilarious as we discovered we didn't know as much as we thought about Old Glory.  Each of us sang or recited The Star Spangled Banner to prove we knew the words. Mom won Janet's contest and her prize was monster piece of good old American peanut butter pie!  We all shared, but after the wonderful dinner of barbecue pork, ribs, potato salad, french fries etc, etc, etc a bite or two apiece was all we could handle.

Later, at home our neighbors put on a…

A Whimsical Garden in Matlacha Florida

This Garden in Matlacha was a delight to walk through! 
It is the pride of Artist Leoma Lovegrove, her whimsical garden is just outside her art gallery.  All the mosaic work, the colors, designs, flair is uniquely hers.  I can't say when I've been in a more fun place! 

 Who paints tree trunks?  Leoma does...delightfully!
Stepping stones lead from one pathway to another 
 The stage area with a large round patio of mosaic tile
 A walk out to the dock where we are advised to Love They Neighbor
 The bottle trees are gorgeous
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Later we went next door for Ice Cream
Where every set of tables were hand painted in different styles 
And even the sides of the buildings were attractive enough to photograph!
More to come on Matlacha, Florida
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Pine Island, Florida

Sometimes explorations just don't pan out.

Pine Island was one of those places.  We had been to Sanibel Island the day before and now was excited to explore Pine Island.  We took the long, long scenic route there driving a little over an hour.  We crossed the bridge in the center of the Island and drove to the northern part, 8 miles up and found all private beach areas except one pier that charged a large fee to fish from. We turned around deciding the other end of the island was where we could find shells.  We drove 16 miles south, the full length of the island to the southernmost point and discovered there were no beaches here.  No shells, no restaurants, no shops anywhere except the most mundane in existence.  
Later we found out Pine Island is unique in that it is one of the last of the Florida Islands zoned agricultural. Which explained the miles of palm tree orchards.  
You win some, you lose some.

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Crossing Florida's Sunshine Skyway

Our first trip across Tampa Bay over the Sunshine Skyway in Florida

It was a promising start to a wonderful getaway trip!

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Everglades Wonder Gardens Part II

The gators at Everglades Wonder Gardens  in Bonita Springs Florida, are clearly the most interesting and exciting of the animal attractions and worth the price of admission alone.  
They are slithery, active and legion!

On this side of the pond they were on the move. 

Over here they were hungrily devouring the alligator food tossed down.  
This wildly adventurous senior citizen gingerly made his way across the swaying rope bridge with gators circling in the waters below.  

Further along the lovely flamingos had a beautifully calm pond to wander in.  A bench is thoughtfully placed in the observation area so one can linger and enjoy these beautiful birds.

 Wide and shady pathways meander where new plants nestle among the established gardens.  

Native birds can be observed closely, 

while dappled sunshine pours over newly planted vegetation.  
Turtles cluster eagerly to be the first to gobble their special food that is sold inside.  For fifty cents you receive quite a nice bag of pelle…