Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bessie's Annual Bath

Bessie got her annual bath today. She had many patches of mossy green on her and her flowers had blown away some time ago, so she was ready! Of course I'm always a day late and a dollar short. The entire family was here last month but admired Bessie anyway in her mossy pathetic state with only her bell around her neck. She can be easily seen from the street now because I sold the truck last summer. It annoyed me that the best place, the only place really to park it was in an opening in the woods right in front of her. So you could glimpse her from the road briefly but only I saw her in all her glory from the carport. From my front window I occasionally see cars slowing down to get a better look or show the kids. She is worth her weight in gold! Since she is solid cement that would be quite a chunk. When I move back to Ohio she is going with me. She is quite the traveler. She Originally lived in Kentucky, then Ohio and now Florida.   She has logged quite a few miles on the road, since she has belonged to me, these past six years and only recently has she been christened Bessie. I have no idea why, I just started thinking of her as Bessie instead of the purple cow.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Old Concord


Strolling down memory lane!  

My Son Billy (and Ruby) are moving out to a city very near Concord California and my daughter Dianne with my grandson Ryan in tow, went along to help drive the second vehicle out there.

Billy had never seen Concord but Dianne was born nearby and lived in Concord for her first six weeks at my parents home.  We moved to Pittsburg and then later at about six months old, she and I moved back to an apartment in Concord for a year while her dad was overseas on a tour of duty.  We moved to the midwest when she was 21 months old and we only went back once.

She and Billy went to visit yesterday and sent unrecognizable photos.  

Where is the Concord that I grew up in?  

I scoured the internet and came up with these photos.

Oh how many frosted mugs were ordered at the local 
A&W!!  10 cents for small, 15 cents for a large mug.

This one on Market Street near Downtown is exactly like the one 
on Clayton Road that we used to hang out.
In fact, It's where my husband took me on our first "date"! 

It's not Concord...but the old El Rey theater in Walnut Creek was a hot date spot too!  

Yes, we saw movies at our local drive in.  I had forgotten it was called the 
Auto Movies...really?

Our first mall, a strip mall called Park and Shop
I spent many hours here!
It's interesting to hear from the comment Patty made, the sign is still there!

And look at that pink car!

Jolly Burgers!  
I worked here in high school.  
They also had a boysenberry dessert.
You dipped hot boysenberries in a sauce into a cup and
put a crust on top to serve it.  It was great a la mode! 

The library!  
We spent many hours here, ultra modern and fascinating.  I loved the adult reading
room with leather swivel reading chairs.  

Inside, clean lines, quiet hushed tones and glass walls. 

Mt Diablo could be seen in the center of our front window!
I never appreciated the view until later.
What luck! 

The Park and shop sign! 

Concord had it's rural areas too,
this was behind the high school.

Oops....More Park and Shop photos! 
Mom had an account at Rhodes so we shopped often there. 

The hills behind Concord High School
They look like green velvet to me
In the summer they were brown velvet

The Enean Theater

This is where I first met Bill when I picked him and Larry up.  
Larry and Bill rode the bus from the ship.  Larry was showing off
the Selleck family to Bill.  

How many Saturdays and Sundays did we spend in this theater?
I remember the ticket to a movie was
25 cents and we were given 10 cents to spend
You could buy two 5 cent candy bars or one 10 cent one
I don't remember what Popcorn was I never bought it or  Ice Cream.  They were more than I could spend...still the same today!  The ice cream was called Bon Bons!  I do remember buying them one time just to quench the longing I always had. 

We got a real mall when I was in high school, across from White Front  
I loved the Worlds Fare restaurant!
I also worked at the theater in the mall for 
a few months. 

Dianne and Billy in front of 4013 Joyce Drive
So altered now it doesn't look at all like our house. 
The trees are the same ones though.  Much thicker and apparently trimmed
within an inch of their lives.  I spent many hours in the one next to Dianne.  It was the 
best climbing tree.  

This is an old building in Concord but I don't remember it.....I'm going to say it was definitely there when I lived there.  

And so that's it but as I run across old photos, I'll add them.I'm sure in Mom's albums there are some that can be put in here! 

For other pictures of Pink Things...go here!  Pink Saturday!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mom's Two Grandma's

This post was begun last summer.  Mom and I used to sit and talk in the afternoons.   I was getting little snippits of information and I didn't want to forget them as I often did.    We always sat in her TV room to talk but she rarely dwelt on the past, she liked to talk about current news.  When I got her talking about the olden days, I added these nuggets as I heard them.


I was asking Mom today about her grandma and what she was like.  I've asked before and gotten some vague answers.  She always said her Grandma MacDougall (below) was stern and not given to spending much time with children.


Today Mom told me, when her grandma was elderly, she liked her to come and visit because she would always give her a home permanent.  My mom was good at it and she liked to give them. (she went to beauty college)  I well remember getting one most summers while growing up.  I do remember my great grandmother always having short curly white hair.


My mom, Joanne said she had a very nice relationship with her Grandma MacDougall, even though she was stern with most children.  She loved spending time with her.  She also said her grandma only really scolded her once that she can remember.  It seems that there was a large hole where a house used to be down the street but was now just a foundation and the remains of a basement.  My mom was walking on the foundation "wall" and her grandma saw her and came and scolded her soundly and took her home. She was admonished that she could easily fall into the pit of the basement.  Joanne thought it was a bit silly as she felt confident walking on the foundation wall, but didn't do it again.


They used to spend time in the garden and pick vegetables.  She remembers shelling peas on the porch together.  Her grandma would tell her that she always ate more peas than she shelled!


A family story was told often, about the time my mom, at about age 5 or so was staying with her grandma  MacDougall and she came in the bedroom when they were both getting ready for bed and her grandma turned around with her teeth in a glass of water and little Joanne ran out of the room scared to death.  The family enjoyed that story for years!


One thing they used to do together was Grandma would try to teach little Joanne to make hankies.  Each hankie had to be cut and hemmed and it was her grandma who taught her how to do it.   Joanne says she was never very adept at it.  It was an uphill job for both of them, as teacher and pupil.
I have a hankie I believe she made, I'll try and get a photo of it on here.


I asked if she ever read to her, Mom said her grandma didn't have any children's books but probably read her the Bible.


She used to stay with her grandma sometimes all alone, without her brothers and sister and she liked to be there..... except at night.  It was kind of scary for her at night being alone.  There was no electricity so the rooms were dark even in the day time.  Joanne remembers the kitchen had a pump and a red checkered tablecloth on the table.  She thought the stove was an oil stove but doesn't quite remember it.

The neighbor across the street was an aunt or a cousin of her mothers.  She would often ask Joanne over when she was a small child and give her cookies and milk.  Joanne said it was a real treat to have.  This was the Williamsburg Michigan house.


One time her mom had a surgery and her grandma wasn't up to having both Joanne and the two boys (Jerry and Wayne) as they were a real handful.  Joanne really missed them, but they were boarded out to neighbors down the street and they worked on the farm for their keep.


My mom said her sister Betty usually stayed with the other grandmother, who doted on her because she was the oldest and the favorite.  That would be Grandma  Gerker.  (Originally Grandma Kuhlman but she was Gerker when my mom was growing up.)  She spoke with an German accent although born in Ohio, because her parents were Prussian immigrants.  She was the lively grandmother, always jolly and loved to play cards, especially Hearts. She was always cooking and baking and producing delicious foods during their visits.  She used to exclaim Gott in Himmel when she was surprised.

Grandma Gerker  with her sons and her daughter in the early 30's?  My grandfather is on the far left looking  a little like Gregory Peck!

Grandma Gerker later (seated) with her Daughter in the early 50's.  She died in 1952. 

This ends what I now know about them as Mom is gone now.  Unless  a memory surfaces.  I did know and spend time with my great grandmother Mac Dougall but her name was Hendricks by that time.  So we knew her as Grandma Hendricks.  Mom did not like her husband.  She avoided him.  There are some photos of her going to New York on a trip with them and her mother. 

Joanne Marie Selleck
December 15, 1928 - December 30,2016

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Christmas Junk Journal

Working on a Christmas Junk Journal.  It's called a junk journal because it's made from junk papers.  The pages are not junk, the thoughts are not junk, the embellishments are not junk.  Only the materials it's made of are leftover papers, envelopes and cards that are normally tossed out.

Actually the embellishments are sometimes junk materials, like used wrapping paper...stamps and stickers on the envelopes I receive.  I peel them off and reuse them!

Why not save everything and creatively use it!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Trashy Junk Journals! The Fun Share!

This is a new thing among scrapbooker's and junk journalists, Sharing your stash of papers and clippings you've saved!

We all have access to different stores, magazines, Mail and vintage papers so why not share what you have in abundance  with someone who has an entirely different supply?  That's what I thought too, yay!!!  

Did ya hear that??  YAY!  

I was browsing around YouTube and saw a video and went and joined the Facebook group Trashy Junk Journals and signed on to do a journal swap of papers and other stuff we have in our stashes.  I had a blast making the journal cover and filling it.  Rules real rules  but you are supposed to not buy a thing.  You just pick from whatever you already have saved.  

As you know usually half of what you save never gets used so what could be better?  I'm looking forward to my journal arriving.  My swap partner LOVED the one I sent.  Here it is:

Sharing with Pink Saturday

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Play and Dabble in the Arts!

I have found it's much more fun to make one large background for a number of ATC cards than trying to do each one individually.  Each card is still different from all others and had painted.

Artist Trading Cards are fun to make and trade too.  They are perfect to include in a Christmas card as well.  Everyone enjoys receiving a gift!

I couldn't add the much shorter "part two" to the original so had to make two videos.  Hope you enjoy!!

This summer we visited some magnificent cemeteries looking for family. 
I was astounded at some of the beautiful markers. 

Shadows over family graves.  

Sharing with
Shadow Shot Sunday2

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Flip through (so Far) in my Finished Vintage Junk Journal

This one is a little structured as far as "junky" goes.  I truly love my really junky ones!  I will be doing videos on the seven journals I'm currently playing with.