Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Lion Fence

One of the more interesting fences I saw in the Bahamas was in Freeport.

I was only able to snag a quick shot as we sped by in the taxi but
it was an amazing sight to see.

 This British Colony on the island of the Grand Bahama is well represented here.  
See if you can spot the shadows!

Spending time in another country is a real joy but I'm always glad to be home again, especially 
to celebrate our independence from England. 

Happy 4th of July!!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Discovering The Balcony House

This is how I roll.....

 I happened upon it because of geocaching, which I learned is a great way to really see a city.
  We were walking in the downtown area of Nassau, looking for three different caches.  I was with my sister Karan and her grandchildren, Lucy and Jack and we had somewhat successfully found the first one.  More on that in another post.  

We even did a No-No by stopping at a Bahamian McDonald's for a cold drink

It was very hot, it was June after all, and the children (who were aged 8 and 9) were anxious to find the next cache but I was lost without my GPS and eventually they went on back to the ship to swim.

I trudged on, up and down unfamiliar streets and stopped to rest in a picturesque spot.  It looked across the street to this little museum called
 The Balcony House.

I don't mind saying I was pretty tired so I sat quite a while studying the outside of this beautifully restored pink building, built in the Loyalist style.

I went over after a bit to inquire about the admission price and found it was free! Donations accepted of course, but I was delighted to take the tour, especially after finding out it was believed to be the oldest house in the city.  

These two photos show the entry way and the famous balcony.  It's famous because it is free standing.  A  very unusual  design for the day.

These doors (below)) exited out of the room next to the kitchen which is thought to be a stable at one time due to the design of the door and location to the house.  All the wood and hardware is original from 1788 when the house was built. 

Here, is an original stucco wall from the house.   

The wall is along the back of the summer kitchen, so necessary in this hot climate.

 The kitchen was kept cool built with thick walls of stone and stucco

Louvered doors concealed the large open side of the kitchen. 

The kitchen was located opposite the house here in the back. 

On the side of the house, not exactly convenient to either kitchen is the well.  
It was designed and built by slaves.

 Inside the house is the regular kitchen, modernized in the 1930's for the last owner
Many of her possessions are still stored in the glass cabinets

 The dining room is restored as well as the rest of the house to the period of the last owner
the 1930's.

Note the carved chairs.

It was here the guide told me that photos inside the house are discouraged so I took no more after this one.

There were other rooms and also a grand staircase, located in the center of the house made from a shipwrecked ship! 

The upstairs is now open as well, all beautifully furnished.  

The guide gave me a wonderful tour, with much history of the house and island.  It was a real treasure to stumble upon this place, one of the highlights of my visit.  

The house is located well within walking distance of the cruise ship docking area.  I was nearly back to the the entrance of the docks when I came across it.  It's located on Market Street right off of Bay Street, the main street along the water. 

 My lovely guide was also able to guide me to my next geocache destination, only one block up and two over, the Fredrick Street Stairs.  Another must see destination, It features local artist's sculptures as well as ancient stairs landscaped beautifully.

Geocaching and a donations only museum combined with
my own walking tour.  Pennies on the dollar! 
I always love visiting Nassau.  

Adding in my own watercolor of my dream pink and white house!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The New Dining Out

When Food Trucks are Successful

This place started out as a food truck on the side of the road and just grew and grew

They have a wonderfully colorful sign with flags and landscaping

The ruby reds are so vivid I had to get a close up

 They traded a truck for a trailer and enclosed it adding a patio

It's outdoor dining at it's finest, as it is way, way out in the country where five streets intersect.
Did I say the meal was to die for?  

 We drove at least thirty minutes out of Fayetteville, NC to dine here.  
The meal was worth every mile.
We all bought something different and shared.

A perfect post for my first Ruby Tuesday Too party in a long while.
  Every photo includes a red jewel of some sort!

I'm a little wordy for Wordless Wednesday...but no one is perfect! 

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Stopping in for Coffee

In downtown Fayetteville, NC we were exploring the city and taking in some geocaching when we felt the need to stop and have a cup of joe to keep us going. 

We saw some tables outside this little hole in the wall coffee house, that were filled but we hoped to find more tables inside

After ordering coffee and a roll, at a long counter I spotted a small seating area which led to a narrow hallway past restrooms and to a back door.

Opening the door I discovered this fantastic patio area
completely empty?!

Notice the blue jewel
hanging in the upper right corner 

 Happily I settled myself and my eyes just feasted on this undiscovered dining area.
You can always find a touch of yellow to brighten any area, even as little color as this plant stand has, it just sings.

On every side it was so attractive

This blue chair had "Blue Monday" written all over it!

 Scented flowers filled these pots

 And even the holes in the walls were delightfully filled with interesting objects.
I love the blue tones in the bricks.

 I was called away before I could explore past this gateway to the alley

 But managed one more shot of gorgeous blue and white pottery

The open ceiling poured in light but also the rain 

I plan to revisit the next time I'm in town and linger here for longer than the few minutes I was allotted.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Colorful Caribbean

One of the most interesting parts of traveling in the Caribbean is how colorful it it.  

Here, we try for the most neutral colors we can when painting our homes.  We let the landscape add the color.  

In the Caribbean the buildings are every color of the rainbow.
A true treasure!

Each one has unique shadows that add to the glamour.  
For more great shadow shots check out the link at the bottom of the page.

Blue, yellow and red makes these buildings almost look like a flag

It's more colorful here in Florida than in most of the states, but still I'm dazzled when
I travel to the Caribbean.  

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Savannah Style Fencing

While in Savannah this month, I was intrigued by the numerous designs of wrought iron fences.  

This one really caught my eye. 

 It was quite dramatic mounted atop the stone wall what was centuries old.

This fence itself was about five foot high with lots of detail.  The stone wall was about twenty feet.  

It was located right on the river front where the city was founded.  A cobbled road wound it's way up the hill from the river and this fence is still doing it's job keeping travelers from falling over the edge of the cliff.

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