Saying Goodby to Florida

I'm sitting in my empty home with a good bit of sadness at leaving my haven.  We came with high hopes and looking forward to wonderful retirement years.  We were prepared to do our best to see that Mom was always taken care of and comfortable.  We planned to have beach days, take road trips, cruises and enjoy Disney.  Family was close by.  We had a perfectly sized home, renovated to suit us and was easy to care for,  It was a wrench to leave our family up north, but the cold was too much for Bill and the prospect of warm winters was a relief to us both.

We arrived July 30, 2011 with everything we wanted from our old home.  Dianne and Chris helped us  pack and came down and helped us settle in.  Everyone was excited, Mom had a welcome sign of course and there was a vase of fresh flowers on the counter in our newly renovated home.

The first year of living together 24/7 was a challenge,  but a happy time because for so many years Bill had to work 60-80 hours weekly so there was nev…

Make a Mark March!

This month I am participating in Make a Mark March.  Each day a special mark is featured when doing a mixed media piece.  Now you don't always have to use just one mark,  but the mark for that specific day must be included in your submission.

It is simply a challenge, not a contest so it's all for fun but I have been challenged by learning new ways to incorporate uniqueness in my backgrounds.  For example:

The dark crackly marks were achieved by wrapping a rubber band around a stick and rolling it in paint, then rolling it on the painting.  Each mark is different and lends a certain discord, which adds to the theme of the piece.  

My Cruise Journal Flip Thru and More


Funky Junky Organizer and Some Junk Journal Pages

This was fun to do!  
Just a follow up on the organizer...I'm loving it!   Then some journal pages and chatter.  Thanks for stopping by!

Junk Journal Fun, Cats Rule!

I love making these journals, it's just so relaxing!  Take a quick look and be sure to speed it up if you don't want to watch each moment.

Revisiting My Original Altered Book Junk Journal

I have shared a bit of happy mail at the beginning, but I am really enjoying playing  in this book!
Hope you enjoy!

Spending Time with Charlie Daniels

Last night I got to spend a little time with Charlie an audience member...of course! I was up close and personal! It was a great show! He is a wonderful entertainer. My best friend purchased tickets awhile back but her friend couldn't go and I was up here in Ohio early so I was given the seat! I have not listened much to country music once I grew up, but I still enjoy it and enjoyed the show. He played a couple of cover songs, a tribute to Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen. Also How Great Thou Art. He is a wonderful fiddle player! He didn't miss a note on the fiddle but missed a few words on the songs....he is 80 now and still touring full steam. The big hat and sunglasses onstage were probably the only thing I didn't like. I couldn't see his face. But all country stars wear their hats! The sunglasses probably were to protect his eyes from stage lights. Which actually I was not a fan of those audience lights! His light show flashed bright white on t…