Monday, August 17, 2015

Cleaning the Patio

I have a big job on my hands this Blue Monday!

It's time to pay the piper and get the 
yard and patio 
straightened up.

I had a paint can sitting on the table that had rusted, it sat there so long after I 
painted my old shed.  So out it went..finally!  It's such a simple thing but it was a hike 
to the back of the yard and I haven't felt like doing much of anything this year.

I then gathered the two loungers that have been in the yard,  I bought new cushions for them last week and they are still in the trunk of the car,  I have one scrubbed down and looking perfect and will be working on the next one this afternoon.  

The reason for all this industry in the middle of the hottest month of the year?  

I have company possibly on the way.  

My daughter and her family were coming down 
from North Carolina but my son in law's service dog has been deathly ill and is just out 
of the veterinarian hospital.  He may not be well enough to travel.

But in case, I want to be ready!  So I'm braving the humidity and 
putting everything back in order and removing the layer of 
dust that has settled.  Once the weather is nicer I will want to spend more time out on the patio.

 It's always fun to get snail mail and a big thank you to my friend Diane at 
for the kind words.

Now, this week
I'm looking for a table top hibachi, I hope they still make them.  .   

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Storm Results

Last week we had a very heavy day of rain on Monday after a few weeks of lots of rain.

It was apparently too much for this tree at the end of my street.
It toppled over, silently apparently, as I didn't hear a thing even though it's only about 100 feet away.
I discovered it on Tuesday, the day after the big rain.

So what is that saying about a tree falling in the forest without anyone to hear?

 The city came out on Friday
I asked the foreman if the tree was just old and rotted but he said no, it was the weight of the water on the tree and the saturation of the sandy ground from the rain was unable to hold it up.
My favorite beach
My previous blog post "My Favorite Beach"  is on the other side of this group of trees
at the end of my street.  

This is what is left today.  

When I went out to photograph the stump there was a glorious scent of pine.
I wish I could bottle it!

Friday, August 7, 2015

My New Favorite Beach

It's new and it's local!  

The nice thing about this beach is that it isn't on the ocean...well it's not on the Gulf of Mexico, it's actually a lake!

Tons and tons of white sand was trucked in, soft, fine white sand.  

The lake is large enough to do some serious kayaking, (which they rent for $10 an hour.)

Do you see a figure in these clouds blessing us sunbathers?  

I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon under my pink and yellow umbrella
just one day before the Tampa area was deluged with rain and flooding.
Reading my book, people watching, I enjoyed the delights of the cool lake water.

The palms behind me are newly trimmed but will fill out soon and much of the landscaping is
still under construction but it's a great place to spend the afternoon!

The weather here is nice enough to enjoy this lake all year around.  
It opened this month after years of planning and more it to be added in addition to the activities that are already here: inflatable slides which you can see in the top photo, the volleyball courts and Kayaks,  
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Pink Salt

I read somewhere
 that Pink Himalayan salt is the best salt to use to reap that all important mineral, Iodine.  So I looked for it in the grocery and several other places and didn't find it.

I decided to order it from Amazon and along with the salt I saw this cute bamboo salt box.  
It is attached in one spot so it swivels open and  when you move it back into place it connects
with a tiny magnet to shut tightly. 

Now the wonderful thing is that pink salt also contains 80 other minerals as well as Iodine.  Nothing has to be added to it.  

White refined salt is essentially devoid of all nutrition, They are required by law to add Iodine but it isn't absorbed by the body as well as the pink salt that contains it naturally.  

 Pink salt is a raw, full spectrum salt and all full spectrum salts have color to them.  The pink Himalayan comes from ancient salt caves formed from the sea. 

So that's my Pink Saturday offering this week!   

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Old Savannah

The waterfront area along the Savannah River in Savannah Georgia is the original and oldest part of the city.  

It's a beautiful stop while driving down I-95.  
It's just a short jaunt off the interstate and there is much to see!

I particularly noticed the old iron balconies high above the colorful flags and blue and white awning.

It is the old brick though that really caught my attention.  If only it could talk!

The hanging moss is a sign you are definitely in Savannah! 
 I wondered though, why the hole in the wall? 

Again, the balconies that have such a wonderful view of the river. 

 The pink brick was everywhere, much easier to walk on than the cobblestone. 

 The shadows under a group of palms make a pretty picture

The road was actually tilted downwards towards the river.

These pink acrylic chairs looked very unusual and very comfortable

There were monuments everywhere

This particular one honored a girl who waved a cloth and welcomed the ships from her home on Elba Island.  She was waving her greeting to every ship from 1887-1931

Now she waves from the waterfront park.  

My next trip through I plan to stay longer!

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