Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Calm before the Storm

This is where the big party will be on Sunday...but for today all is calm and the shadows are making pretty pictures.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Puerto Rico

 From high on the tower room at the oldest fort on the island

To enjoying the smallest detail 

I enjoyed touring this beautiful island.

 I loved this stairway

 This balcony shot provided interesting shadows!

The narrow streets of Old Town were gorgeous

This tree had some great lines and shadows.

The streets were cobbled.

I love seeing the pink buildings in the tropics!

One of the special things was seeing the cliff where families come on the weekends to fly kites.

I really wished I had my kite with me.  Next trip I am packing it and plan to spend an hour or two on this hillside with the natives.  

Here I am at home in Florida with my kite!

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Puerto Rico - The Tourist

We toured the forts and drove through the old town but some of my impressions were a little funky.

As I waited at the second fort for all to arrive I was noticing what kind of shoes people wear to do their sightseeing.  I grabbed a few shots! 

 For a closer look just click on one photo and scroll down.

The chains are cute, but do they get hot in the burning sun?

Nice shadow for Shadow Shot Sunday2!

 The gladiator look was quite popular that day, but thankfully her child had some sensibly colorful shoes,
While scrolling, notice how many people are wearing blue!

A better look at these trendies

 Here we see a mother, daughter and grandma, There is a statement here about who is the important one!.

 Walking all day in straps, flat shoes with no cushion would be torture for me.

 Another family that tells a story!

 Men are quite uninspiring I noticed.

 This mom is a matchy matchy person.  Her shoes are clean, well worn and chosen with care to match her outfit, but in reality, comfort is her motto.  Smart!
My Pink Saturday pick!

But ninety percent of the visitors had sandals, not walking shoes.  

 How about these beauties?

 At last!  A wiser person, protecting those heels from the stone.
Notice the cushion!

 Fashion wins here.  On a hot day, these boots were paraded out.

Two completely different types of men.  The old style modest man in mesh pants and sandals and socks sporting a beret and beard walking in with a....son in law?
I was only going to use the sandal and socks part, but I had to include the entire statement.

I was still only taking photos of the most interesting shoes when I realized, this pair belonged 
to my daugher!  The wait is over! 

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Onward to Puerto Rico!

Continuing on, our next stop was San Juan, Puerto Rico!

We were greeted at the dock by this wonderful seahorse sculpture on a pink plaza !

Lauren said it best!  We were exhilarated to be here!  

Our taxi driver guide took us to see the Plaza of Democracy.  
He was proud to show us this government building.
I have several fun photos for Shadow Shot Sunday2 this week.
The police on the steps did not move aside as we ascended the steps.  

Here our guide is explaining about how many different types of marble were used.

This photo was taken from in front of the steps, facing the sea.

We drove past old forts

And many sculptures.

We went down side streets in Old Town

The buildings were centuries old.

Here, our guide stopped and we got out as he showed us the famous blue cobblestones that pave
many streets of Old Town.
I can't wait to share these with my friends from Blue Monday!

 The yellow house is the narrowest house in the country.  It is not much wider than
the front door!  Our driver was puzzled as to why someone would want to live there, but the current resident has for many years.

 Outside the walled part of Old Town

Now into the modern side of Puerto Rico.

The convention center in San Juan

Exclusive shops

 A big supermarket advertising the sales

local fast food joints!

 A view of the watching dog rock formation.
We heard the backstory from our taxi driver.  

 The beach for the locals inside the modern city area

 We had a full day in Puerto Rico and this was the initial two hour tour we took with a hired taxi driver.  I will continue  Puerto Rico as a part II where we explored ourselves later on foot,
next post! 

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Virgin Islands

Our next port was St.Thomas, The Virgin Islands. 

The sail into port was beautiful!
It's hard to imagine anything bluer!

Turquoise blue waters and the hills starred with cottages. 

We did a bit of shopping, (Dianne's hat was purchased!) at the port shops.

.  We were all in high spirits in the taxi we hired to take us swimming at Magens Bay!

 The taxis were large and cumbersome and passing each other at top speed up and down over the curvy mountain road... making the drive crazy.  

 It was a beautiful drive and quite steep going over the mountain to the other side of the Island.  

 It was worth it though, the bay was beautiful!
It was nice to find trees casting shadows on the beach.

 We had a lovely afternoon in the soft sand and beautiful water!

 I gathered everyone together, after changing back for the return trip, for one last photo of this beautiful place, one of the top ten beaches in the world according to National Geographic.  

Well, maybe two photos! 
Then back into the taxi..

On the way back, looking over the hills with pink roofs, we could see our ship along with two others at the docks.   While rocking and rolling in the taxi careening downhill, I snapped this quickly, capturing the taxi roof as well!

 Everything was interesting as we drove along.    Stairways with bright pink railings...  
Interesting stores like this Diamond International store with these beautiful doors.

It was good though after the long day out to get back to the ship, tired and hungry!  A nap was needed first however, with a full evening of activities ahead!

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