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Funky Junky Organizer and Some Junk Journal Pages

This was fun to do!  
Just a follow up on the organizer...I'm loving it!   Then some journal pages and chatter.  Thanks for stopping by!

Junk Journal Fun, Cats Rule!

I love making these journals, it's just so relaxing!  Take a quick look and be sure to speed it up if you don't want to watch each moment.

Revisiting My Original Altered Book Junk Journal

I have shared a bit of happy mail at the beginning, but I am really enjoying playing  in this book!
Hope you enjoy!

Spending Time with Charlie Daniels

Last night I got to spend a little time with Charlie an audience member...of course! I was up close and personal! It was a great show! He is a wonderful entertainer. My best friend purchased tickets awhile back but her friend couldn't go and I was up here in Ohio early so I was given the seat! I have not listened much to country music once I grew up, but I still enjoy it and enjoyed the show. He played a couple of cover songs, a tribute to Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen. Also How Great Thou Art. He is a wonderful fiddle player! He didn't miss a note on the fiddle but missed a few words on the songs....he is 80 now and still touring full steam. The big hat and sunglasses onstage were probably the only thing I didn't like. I couldn't see his face. But all country stars wear their hats! The sunglasses probably were to protect his eyes from stage lights. Which actually I was not a fan of those audience lights! His light show flashed bright white on t…

Bessie's Annual Bath

Bessie got her annual bath today. She had many patches of mossy green on her and her flowers had blown away some time ago, so she was ready! Of course I'm always a day late and a dollar short. The entire family was here last month but admired Bessie anyway in her mossy pathetic state with only her bell around her neck. She can be easily seen from the street now because I sold the truck last summer. It annoyed me that the best place, the only place really to park it was in an opening in the woods right in front of her. So you could glimpse her from the road briefly but only I saw her in all her glory from the carport. From my front window I occasionally see cars slowing down to get a better look or show the kids. She is worth her weight in gold! Since she is solid cement that would be quite a chunk. When I move back to Ohio she is going with me. She is quite the traveler. She Originally lived in Kentucky, then Ohio and now Florida.   She has logged quite a few miles on the r…

Old Concord

Strolling down memory lane!  
My Son Billy (and Ruby) are moving out to a city very near Concord California and my daughter Dianne with my grandson Ryan in tow, went along to help drive the second vehicle out there.
Billy had never seen Concord but Dianne was born nearby and lived in Concord for her first six weeks at my parents home.  We moved to Pittsburg and then later at about six months old, she and I moved back to an apartment in Concord for a year while her dad was overseas on a tour of duty.  We moved to the midwest when she was 21 months old and we only went back once.

She and Billy went to visit yesterday and sent unrecognizable photos.  
Where is the Concord that I grew up in?  
I scoured the internet and came up with these photos.

Oh how many frosted mugs were ordered at the local  A&W!!  10 cents for small, 15 cents for a large mug.
This one on Market Street near Downtown is exactly like the one  on Clayton Road that we used to hang out. In fact, It's…

Mom's Two Grandma's

This post was begun last summer.  Mom and I used to sit and talk in the afternoons.   I was getting little snippits of information and I didn't want to forget them as I often did.    We always sat in her TV room to talk but she rarely dwelt on the past, she liked to talk about current news.  When I got her talking about the olden days, I added these nuggets as I heard them.

I was asking Mom today about her grandma and what she was like.  I've asked before and gotten some vague answers.  She always said her Grandma MacDougall (below) was stern and not given to spending much time with children.

Today Mom told me, when her grandma was elderly, she liked her to come and visit because she would always give her a home permanent.  My mom was good at it and she liked to give them. (she went to beauty college)  I well remember getting one most summers while growing up.  I do remember my great grandmother always hav…