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One Amazing Bathroom Renovation

The tale of two bathrooms
"Before and "After"

My son bought a small house right behind his at a Sheriff's auction at a very good price.   Since it's location is adjacent to his two lots it makes it a compound now, with two houses and an lovely grassy vacant area between them.  
It is slated now as a guest house and I am the guest!  I can stay here part of the year and stay in my own home in Florida all winter.  
He and I (me being the assistant) have spent five week renovating the bathroom! We could have gone a bit faster but Billy is meticulous about everything and doesn't move on until it's right.  
Above and below are two, before an after pictures.  It was definitely due a renovation.  

Day 1  Billy pulled off the plastic surround piece from around the tub and attempted to break up the bathtub with a sledge hammer as he had done in his house next door 15 years ago. 
Note:  This is his second bath remodel, the first one was his bathroom 15 years b…

Junk Journal Fun, Cats Rule!

I love making these journals, it's just so relaxing!  Take a quick look and be sure to speed it up if you don't want to watch each moment.

Revisiting My Original Altered Book Junk Journal

I have shared a bit of happy mail at the beginning, but I am really enjoying playing  in this book!
Hope you enjoy!