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Great Tips for Taking Grandma to Disney World!

My sister and I decided to take our mother to Disney World for her 87th birthday
Karan and I

Mom is the mother of four, grandmother of twelve and great grandmother of 31  (and two more on the way!)
We all call her GG

The wheelchair was essential!
We decided that since GG needed to bring her wheelchair, she wouldn't have to walk the park. She could really enjoy herself and not get too tired. 
Tip:  We made sure she got up and walked a few steps here and there to keep the circulation going in her legs since she normally uses a walker at home.  
We booked a room at the All Star Music Resort.  She was treated like Royalty! She was given a birthday balloon, a birthday pin and a balloon Mickey Mouse made just for her!
Booking a resort was best. You are allowed to check in as early as 7:00 in the morning,  We parked by the bus stop, checked in and then took a bus directly to the Magic Kingdom. We didn't have to go through the transportation area, the resort busses take you right to…

Fat Tuesday, A Great Bar and Restaurant in Cozumel Mexico

On our cruises we always forgo the meal on the ship and take in a local eatery on port days. 

An open air restaurant and bar on the docks turned out to be a great place to lunch while exploring the shopping area.   We didn't go far this time in Cozumel.  Karan, Patty, Mom and I just enjoyed the atmosphere in the pretty village of shops right at the dock. 
We chose Fat Tuesday for a silly reason...

Swings were available to amuse those waiting to be seated.  Mom always seems to find a swing here in Cozumel.  On the last trip it was in a private garden.
The wait staff were very helpful and had great suggestions. 
The breezes off the water were wonderful on a hot September day! Karan and I were glad to sit and enjoy them.
A pink flamingo caught my eye at the bar after getting over the shock of the pink wall!

Our silly reason to choose Fat Tuesday was because of the colorful tables and chairs.   I mean, who wouldn't want to join the fun? 
The Mexican Flag was a proud part of the d…

Traveling Down I-95 in Florida

You'll want to stop for tea in Stuart Florida!
It's an amazing tea room, not only for the decor but for the magnificent meal they call tea. 

My sister in law, Kim (right) took my niece, Shannon (left) and I to tea while I was visiting last week.
Iced Raspberry tea and tea bread were offered as we perused the menu.
There were at least four choices for each course.
I heartily recommend the Lobster Bisque It is the owners award winning recipe.
The salad is healthy with cut tomatoes under the spinach but the dressing is not homemade, the only flaw we found with the meal.

I ordered the chicken pie with a puff pastry crust.  It was served so beautifully!   Dessert was Kahlua Chocolate Cake

A pot of tea was also served with dessert how could I have forgotten to get a photo of the scones? It's quite a change from the usual tiny sandwiches and miniature cakes that are usually served for the same price.

The rooms are all decorated with a Victorian theme.

An awesome fireplace in ever…

Fall is Still Here, in my World

Disney World is now getting dressed for Christmas, but when I went last week, I enjoyed the Fall flowers tremendously.
Black Eyed Susan's are a favorite of mine!  

These were in Frontierland and I noticed them in front of me as I rocked in an available rocking chair on the wooden sidewalk

Packed with shades of color! 

I did catch in the photo (up in the corner), a glimpse of my rocking friend who was allowing her grandchild a nap in the middle of the afternoon.  

A strolling band came by and began playing.  It was nice to have the time to really enjoy them. 
The baby slept through it all. 

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Country Roads

Fall in North Carolina

Sometimes you just have to pull over and enjoy an old fence!  

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Good Fences

Good Fences make good Pastures

Driving by I spotted this fence and had to get a photo.
The sheep are waaay over on the other side, but if you look carefully there is a tall shepherd's lookout in the back of the pasture. 

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Court of Honor

Court of Honor for Eagle Scout Kyle Willis
Less than 7% of all Scouts attain the highest rank of Eagle.  When a Scout completes all the requirements a Court of Honor is held to award him this rank.  

Members of troop 75 in North Carolina 

Saluting the American Flag during the pledge

Lighting of the candles and reciting the Scouts Law
 Kyles former Scout Leader Stan La Perriere conducting the ceremony

 Pinning the newest Eagle Scout
 Pinning his mom and dad is a vow to rededicate himself to living the
Scouts Oath.
The audience was asked if they would like to say anything about the life and character of the honoree.
He had several members of his troop speak 

Friends from his church speak  as well as family members and other scout leaders.  

I also spoke on behalf of my late husband.  Normally I would not get up in front of a crowd but I knew he would have been the first one up there to tell him how proud we were of him and his accomplishments.

Afterwards Stan presented him with his cert…