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Us Girls

My sister called, she was on her way to Mom's, would  I like to come over too?  Of course!  
When I arrived about a half hour later, I had to laugh.  "Did you notice, I asked, we are all wearing black and white today?"
We had to get a picture but ohhhh my.  By the end we had dissolved in giggles.  I'm just not good with camera phones!

I never did capture the slacks, except in the movie clips taken accidentally that I am unable to upload to the blog.  But Mom and Karan wore white, I was in black. 
Crazy fun!

The Week that Was

It has been quite the week.  So many upsets, so many changes.  I suddenly realized it has been almost a week since my last post and I need to dig myself out of the gloom that was life last week.

I caught a cold.  I never catch colds.  Airborne is my friend and has kept me from illness since I discovered it, except one bout with bronchitis a couple of years ago.  I was only under the weather Thursday, but Tuesday and Wednesday, I knew it was on it's way and I was fighting hard.  Wednesday night I was sneezing seven times in a row every half hour.  Bill made a run Publix to get Sine-Aid,  my staple from years ago, only to find they apparently don't make it anymore.  We settled on some heart smart meds that doesn't raise your blood pressure.  Just a precaution.  Today I'm more myself and not congested at all.

 Sunday our well wasn't working.  We had no water.  Since we JUST MOVED here seven months ago, we were really dismayed.  The plumber we hired took a few days to i…

A Very Cherry February

Saturdays are meant for fashion and Mom and I attended a sweet little fashion show and luncheon as the guest of her friend, Shirley.  It was a nice little outing for both of us.  The fashions were from a local store and were admired by all and sundry.  The lunch was a variety of salads, roll and a cookie bag.  Tea, lemonade and coffee! It was all nicely put together by the ladies who attend Shirley's church. 
 Trying to take our picture together! How does a phone take a picture, again??  The centerpiece for this President's Day Luncheon!  And look..raffle tickets!
Mom is always up for a good raffle!  
Which is good because we won one of the baskets!  In honor of the president that chopped down the Cherry Tree (We know it's false, check Snopes, but the legend persists)
2 liters of Cherry Coke, boxes of cherry jello, cherry snack cakes, chocolate covered cherries, a large jar of maraschino cherries, Smucker cherry preserves, cherry Twizzlers, cherry pie filling, a hand craft…

Thrifty Weekend

Every once in awhile you find something that you just love. You never knew it existed, it was never on a list but you couldn't possibly leave it behind. I found two such items this weekend.

 I've never been a fan of silver plate anything, but I was drawn to this bowl .  It's very heavy, very ornate and I love the rings on both sides.  It was a $1.79 and all I could think was I must have it.  I picture it with a turquoise wash using very thin oil paint and holding soap in my bathroom.  I'm a bit nervous about ruining it so I'm going to try the wash on some old silverware first to test it.

Currently it's holding some old skeleton keys that didn't have a home.


I bought a silver plated butter knife for twenty cents and tried it.  I used oil paint and I polished it first, but it was too far gone.  I'm still undecided after doing it.  I like it close up, but not at a distance.  I also had to do it several times to get the amount on I liked, and it'…

Art Festival in St. Petersburg

My sister Karan tells me one of the nicest things about a Florida winter is the plethora of festivals that pop up all winter. The weather is gorgeous, everyone wants to be outside and the population is at it's peak. We haven't been to any so when my mom gave me the weekend activities part of the paper I saw the Art Festival advertised at a Jewish Temple.
It turned out to be about a fifty mile jaunt, but we are free as birds these days and have all the time in the world.  It was packed and people were parking for blocks and walking in.  Bill pulled through the lot to drop me off, and a parking attendant waved us into one of the 15 minute parking spaces just vacated in front of the door.  You can stay and park there the attendant said.  The 15 minutes doesn't apply today. He rocks!
There were rooms and rooms to explore and we had a wonderful afternoon.   Here are some pictures I took.
 Entering through a garden area with gorgeous fountains colorful sculptures and magic mushrooms Th…

The Versitile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Paulette from Cheerful Thrifty Door, has actually awarded my humble blog, The Versatile Blogger Award!  I was so surprised and amazed and grateful. I've already gotten new followers!!
Paulette's blog post about her Vera Neuman scarves inspired me to see if I could find some.  They were gorgeous and I have discovered how wonderful scarves are to dress up an outfit for a polished look.  I have found more than a dozen since then and love each one more than the last!  Please visit Paulette over at Cheerful Thrifty Door.  Following her blog has been a pure delight seeing all her thrifty finds!  I always love to visit. 

The Versatile Blogger Award rules are: You should pass the award on to 15 recently discovered blogs.  I'm following Paulette's lead however, and doing just a few, as I am a pretty new blogger and all my blogs are newly discovered.  Some of my choices follow me and some ignore me but these blogs I am awarding  I make sure…

Finished Project

When we renovated Tortoise Cottage I was the only one who didn't want a cabinet in the bathroom.  I wanted SPACE, clean space.  After all the hall closet was just 10 steps away outside the door.
We have been here since the last few days of July, so a full six months and a few days.  I like it, but I can see the good of having a tiny little cabinet that can hold the few everyday things we use.
So I began looking and Sunday I found a great little cabinet, like new for $14.99 guessed a thrift shop.  Did I take a picture?  No, I forgot but you can picture it, dark brown.  It has one door, a space for a pull out tote (which I may have to make myself) and a flat surface.  It is the flat surface I was missing.  Where to set the hair spray can?  The brush? The flatiron?  I found I was juggling these things all the time.
I sanded the beautifully smooth surface so it would accept paint but to no avail, the painting was horrendous and took double the amount to look acceptabl…