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Something New to do at Disney World

While in Disney World Bill and I did some hotel hopping.  We visited three of the hotels on the Monorail line.  It was a lot of fun to see the inside, the gardens and pools.  We have seen them from afar for many years but never had the time to take the tour.  
While at the Polynesian Resort we impulsively rented a little boat and went out on the lake, cruising by the Disney World entrance!  Who knew this amenity was available to anyone, not just hotel guests.  There is a fee, but it was quite reasonable, especially by Disney standards.

We also went by the Disney's Contemporary Hotel and under the Monorail itself!
It wasn't until we were out in the middle and on the way back that I noticed the clouds were darkening and a storm was 'abrewing!
We made it back in the nick of time with only a sprinkle of rain.  Far less rain though,  than the boat spray in my face and the gallons that splashed in over the edges!  :-)  
A one minute video of our speedy ride! 
Now... A Disney Wo…

And the Curtain Goes Up

There is nothing like a night out waiting in anticipation for the curtain to go up! 

All ready for a great show!

Who doesn't like the 50's and 60's?
The Playbill we always save.

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My hubby surprised me with a caramel apple tonight.  
He made it himself!  He unwrapped the caramels and melted them on the stove.  Next time he will use a double boiler he promised.    He put three wooden skewers together  to form a handle, taped together at the bottom.   It was full of texture, chewy and delicious.  
Am I a lucky duck or what?

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A Chance Encounter

My sister and I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday.  We geared up and moved out of our respective comfort zones and took a trip into St Petersburg to see an art glass exhibit.  We ventured out alone.  Just the two of us.

It was deemed best to arrive early so we could have a bite to eat and absorb the atmosphere of this artsy area.  We found a little deli full of atmosphere and decided to share a bottle of wine and a hot sandwich there instead of a more pricey restaurant.

A young 30something cashier waited on us and since it was early in the evening, it was slow and we had a chance to talk to him.  You never know who you might meet when you open a conversation.  Our wine was from Cupcake Vineyards in Livermore and we were surprised. We grew up nearby and hadn't know of a winery there.   As he uncorked it, he mentioned while on tour he had visited a local winery in that area.  "On tour?"  we asked.  It seems he had been a professional ice skater and had toured with sev…

What's New at the Magic Kingdom? Storybook Circus!

It was a surprise to walk through Disney World's Magic Kingdom and find a whole new section.  It wasn't as if I hadn't been in years.  I spent four days there in July!  We only took one day for the Magic Kingdom and somehow I missed this simply by taking a right instead of a left on a pathway.  I take my time and hit all rides in my path as I trundle around from one land to another.  Had I taken the left I would have immediately turned a corner and been there after alighting from the train in Frontierland.  

The entrance to Storybook Circus.  

It's not completely open yet, the bright red fence is to hide construction going on and to keep out park guests until the area is open.
The Barnstormer is open and ready!   The Barnstormer kiddie Coaster is open and honestly that is about the only coaster I would attempt.  I've ridden Big Thunder Mountain for the last time on this visit.  This coaster is just right for kids, the drops are small, the curves are gentle. Flying thro…

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012

Turning 65 is not so scary after all so for Bill's birthday we took a quick trip to Disney World and attended the special event known as
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012!

The park was dressed for the occasion! 
The ticket is good for 7:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight but a tip given to us by our resort check in person is that they start admitting ticket holders at 4:00 PM.  That's three free hours to ride rides before the party starts!!
We went on opening night Sept 11 and the park closed to regular ticket holders at 7:00 so by 4:00 the park was starting to empty out since mostly there were families with small children.  We only waited 10 minutes in line for two rides.  Every other ride was a straight walk on.  We sometimes rode twice, without getting off the ride because there was no one waiting to get on.  That was a little spooky! 

At the entrance gate, cast members had special costumes just for this evening.
We received a special brochure and a trick or treat bag!  …

A Hidden Mickey and More

In the new Storybook Circus area I found a "Hidden Mickey"!  I didn't actually see it when I was there but it stood out when I was viewing the photos.   When I'm there I can't focus on the tiny details because the big picture is so overwhelming.  I love Disney World.  

We stayed at the All Stars Movie Resort and I was all into Disney mode right from the get go so after our initial swim I was blow drying my hair and glanced down at the towel
See the Mickey?  Well, it's a bit "icky" but  I had to run and grab the camera to record that anyway!
And last but not least as we left Disney World I glanced at the sky and saw Mickey Mouse Ears!:

Well, that is what I saw, but I had to photo shop it as I REMEMBERED seeing it because 

It actually looked like this by the time I got my camera out.  

It was pretty windy and the cloud formations only lasted a second.  

There are actually some books about the Hidden Mickeys around Disney World that you can easily ord…

It's Not Even My Birthday!

Thank you Jill  from A Little Bit of Everything for the lovely scarf!  It's perfect for me.  It's lightweight for Florida, long and thin for a variety in ways in which to tie it, and brilliantly colored so it matches almost everything I own!  
Isn't is great to have good blog friends?  

A Family Tea at Weeki Wachee

Three generations gathered together yesterday in Weeki Wachee at the Magnolia Terrace Tea Room.  It was not a special occasion.  We just enjoy being together.

The front door is quite inviting!

It's a lovely place to spend time in. And we made the most of it.  Here we are:  my sister Karan, my mom, Joanne, and my niece Becky.  Becky has never been to tea before, but this was actually a first for all of us.  It was Australian cuisine not a traditional English tea.
The ladies at the tea room surprised us with complimentary Mimosa's!  Now isn't that a nice tradition? 

I was charmed with the covering on the creamer! I may have to make one for myself!

I maybe should have taken a picture before we dove in to the selection of forty tea sandwiches served...but we were still choosing when I remembered to snap before they were all demolished! Salmon and Cream Cheese,  Fig and Brie, Roast Beef and Horseradish, Chicken Salad and Chutney, Cucumber Salad, Asparagus and Pimento and man…