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Making A Greeting Card Your Own

I had purchased several packages of blank cards and envelops to make watercolor greeting cards, but they were not heavy enough paper to absorb water and so have been sitting in my drawer for ages.  
So the other night I pulled one out and and thought about what to do with them.  
This is what I came up with!

Nothing amazing to be sure.  I am far to impatient to be a perfectionist, but I had fun making this.
I pasted a piece of homemade textured paper on to the front as a base. 
I was tossing out an old pocket calendar and thought I would cut out the little birds and assemble them on the paper.
Then I added a ribbon.  

 Inside, I printed out a photo I discovered on Debbie Dabbles blog that touched my heart.  
I added the rest of the ribbon to border it and put a button in the middle. Looking at in now, I should have just put little buttons on each end of the ribbons to finish it and maybe leave the heart off but hey...
 On the outside of the envelope I wrote  I heard you injured your …

Correspondence and Such

I have been busy at the post office lately sending postcards and letters and packages.

For Friday's Hunt, I'm using E for Engage.  It's good to engage with others via correspondence.  No man is an island!  
I love snail mail and wish I had more fun mail than I do, but it's because I haven't been sending out much of anything.  I signed up with , Jill from A Little Bit of Everything suggested it and so I immediately signed up.    I've sent out a couple of international postcards.  One has been received and noted so I should be getting one in the mail soon.   I'm going to stagger the postcards so replies don't all come at once.  You can send up to five and the number increases when they see them arrive and are noted on the account.
Here is a greeting card from my friend, Diane at Diane Wants to Write
I love the native outfits from the Philippines on the front, and inside the nice message. Thanks Diane!  She is another that has a nice grou…

Learn How to Create Some Time

Create Some Time

What is it we want from life?  We all have the same 24 hours a day, yet some dance circles around others and accomplish so much.  What is the secret?   I've discovered a new blog written by Kevin DePew that is all about
creating time.  I think there is a lot of good information there and I encourage you to visit and see for yourself:


Here are a few of the interesting articles I've read:

The Secret to Having the Best Year Ever

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions 

You Have to Start Somewhere:  Make that Leap

Kevin says:  If you are looking for a place to learn about and explore the tools you need to manage your time and attention, as well as some encouragement,  motivation and instruction to createsomething great, then you are in the right place.  

Kevin DePew writes the blog from his desk in Cincinnati and has a background in Psychology, social work and administration.  I think this new blog is worth a look!  I haven't been paid to wri…

What's Blooming in January?

The Snow photos that are everywhere this weekend are delightful, especially since they are far far away!  The whole world isn't covered in snow however.  
 I took a walk around the yard yesterday and took photos of some of the plants that had flowers on them.  Some I rarely notice so it was especially fun.  

This one is wonderful with a cane stem.  It's just starting for the spring season, but it blooms all year around.

This one is an odd duck of a plant.  The blooms hang upside down and really aren't pretty unless  photographed from the underside!  It only blooms in winter.

This one is all buds.  It's ready to pop into a cluster of sweet little flowers. It currently has zero foliage, the Schefflera next to it crowds out the sun.  I always think it is on it's last legs but for four years it has hung in there.  Never more than two clusters at any time. 

 Begonias winter really well here.   I have them planted at the base of my Ti plant.  It tends to be leggy, so th…

A magical Parade

I never tire of watching a parade, at The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World
The shadows dance along just as happily as the characters

 Evil birds in shimmering shades of blue guard Sleeping Beauty

Tinkerbell sits in a garden of  flowers in Neverland

Alice tries valiantly to keep up with the Mad Hatter in his yellow coat! 

Goofy...being himself! 

Each visit I have made on my pass, I always stop and marvel at the fun of seeing the  colorful, familiar characters come to life and dance down the street.  
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Through the Eye of Mark Twain

Taking a turn around Tom Sawyers Island on the large Riverboat in Frontierland.  I noticed this rustic lattice fence encircling a vintage windmill.

Around the bend, another mill.  

Another bend further down the river reveals the last of this fence surrounding an abandoned burning log cabin. Indian Joe's hideout?

I haven't taken a ride on the riverboat for years, I had forgotten what a nice long trip it was and how much there was to see,   Disney does everything right! Next time I may go over to Tom Sawyers Island and explore.  Who knows what's lurking in the middle? 

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Exploring Morocco at Epcot

The Morocco area of Epcot is really a small labyrinth and fun to explore.
The detail of  tiled areas is fascinating as I walked through this large entryway.

 Wandering into this courtyard I was reminded of a movie  Hideous Kinky with Kate Winslet, it was about a fascinating trip to India.
Looking up, it's a courtyard with a large open ceiling.

Columns of tile and engraving hold up the second floor balcony. 

The ornate buildings are huge, yet everything is on the street level.

Large planters full of these beauties really caught my eye.

On a earlier visit in November I had a wonderful lunch at the Tangierine Cafe  The flavors together were incredible.  This platter had chicken, a rice dish, a green vegetable that was amazing, hummus, pita and a white sauce that was delicious on everything.

Exploring the corridors there were many shops.
The wares displayed outdoors

Twisting lanes and decorated with flowers everywhere.

It was easy to imagine you were actually in the middle of Morocco

A Hidden Mickey in the Shadows

One of my favorite things to do is discover the hidden Mickey's at a Disney park.  
Do you see what I see?  

Not so hidden is it!

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Japan at Epcot World Showcase


We really explored several countries while we were at the World Showcase at Epcot.  Instead of walking around the the lake on the main thoroughfare, we went into the shops and in the nooks and crannies.

I loved the Buddah Board!  Painting with water, just for the moment.  It fades away, ready for a new "moment" in minutes.  It was too hard to resist and I took one home.
Starts with C:  Calendar

A 2016 calendar was a great temptation but just would not fit into my decor, as eclectic as it is!  

Everywhere was beauty in the most simplistic of fashion.  

We decided to have lunch at  TEPPAN EDO
The Dining room! Photo credit: Walt Disney World
The simplicity was beautiful:
Out hostess leading the way down a simple hallway to the dining room.

Our friendly waitress

My sister in law, Kim in the foreground and my niece Shannon watching the cook intently. We shared the meal with five other guests at our table.  

Starts with C:  Cook!
She was quite fascinating!  From funny sto…