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Shadow Shot Sunday Amish Birdhouses

It's not unusual, but always surprising to get an entirely different capture than you actually saw and photographed.

Birdhouses at an Amish farm

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Fun Whimsical Tidbit Tray

I couldn't wait to get started on making a couple of tidbit trays for the Magnolia Terrace Tea Room in nearby Spring Hill.  

In the past all my whimsy's have been made for gifts.  

We had a lovely family tea awhile back and I noticed they had an area where you could purchase a variety of  teas, antiques, and fun dishes.  I thought my tidbit trays would look nice there.  I took in some photos of some of my tidbit trays earlier this week and the ladies at the tea room liked them.  So we'll see how this works out.  
My niece, Becky and my mother.  The shelves in the background hold the items for sale.

This is my first whimsical Tidbit Tray for the tea room

I have been picking up dishes for awhile that I thought would be fun. 

 You will remember this.....from yesterday's post! 

Mixing patterns work when the colors are similar
I think this plate would be so pretty with a variety of cookies on both tiers. If you would like to see more of the tea party...I blogged about it…

Thursday's Thrifting

I'm winding down on my thrifting orgy.  I've been down by my favorite store every day this week with an hour or more to kill so I've had lots of time to inspect every item.  My pocketbook is getting thin so I must start creating my totems and stay out of the shops for a bit.  
But this is my haul for today.
This is a favorite even though it doesn't photograph well.  This Asian bowl is very large and the colors are rich.  I love the artsy splashes and the shape, which you can see best in the bottom photo.  It's really gorgeous when you're holding it. 

 These are for me to use.  I love the smoothness of this style pottery and these cereal bowls are McCoy so will stand up to daily use.  Besides that,  my husband loves them.

These two look great together, but they aren't a set.  They will probably will be together though in the same stack.

I love Belle and this one will be cute on the top of a child's whimsey. 

This vintage plate has the great texture I li…

Sometimes I'm Astounded

I am just astounded sometimes at what someone donates to a thrift store!
 It's hard to believe people have passed it by 
...priced at only 99 cents!
 I just love this little bowl! 
Then I found this gorgeous vintage Tartan Stadium Blanket! It looks brand new and the wool is deliciously thick.   You know I have no need of it in Florida but for $1.50 how could I leave it there?

I also had to take this gorgeous pottery piece!
It's going to be a great pedestal base.  
I also found this book for my sister to take with her when she spends the day with her grandson.  They have been having fun cooking together. 

Recipes like Zucchini Moons 

 and Pretend Soup
 ...are illustrated in a cute format that is easy for a three year old to follow.  Unfortunately she is leaving on a month long cruise so will have to wait until October to cook with him!

Sigh!  I just love thrifting!

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I did see that the cookbook was avail…

Visiting "Robert Is Here"

On our way down to Key West we stopped for a milkshake here at this crazy fruit stand called Robert Is Here I guess he has been here just about forever. 

The fruit was exotic 

It was huge!  

My sister in law holding a one of the grapefruits.  

Not only did they have fruit, they had Iguana and an Emu to visit.  There were even Parrots in a small zoo in the back of the fruit stand. 

A few arts and crafts
Ruby red Pitaya Dragon Fruit...say what?
And lo and behold Robert himself!   He was pleased to have his picture taken with me.

Yes, we did get our milkshakes

 I would choose this place over McDonalds any day!  
A very fun place to stop and stretch and take a driving break.  
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Shadow Shot Sunday

A large plain surface Can be extraordinary A canvas of sorts

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Flower Plates Indoors

I brought my Sister in Law a flower plate for a hostess gift (along with a copper pipe) for her garden.  

Layering plates for flowers is a lot of fun.   This one had four plates, I usually use just three but flowers have layers so any amount of plates will work.

This is why the plate works.
  The first plate had a great yellow band with a hint of blue that popped with color.  The next one was vintage plate from the 30's with tiny faded blue and brownish flowers and a scalloped edge, the third one in had the curly edge but also lots of texture.  The color is picked up from the vintage plate.    The tiny one is almost a bowl, it curves out just a bit, the bright blue pulls in the blue from the back plate.  The colors work together and it was perfect for her kitchen. 
She hung it on her Baker's Rack after receiving it until she decided where in the garden she wanted to place it.
It looked so cute!  
 And there it has stayed.  

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Bargain Hunting at the Thrift Store Part II

These are the rest of the items I purchased from my dash to the thrift store.  Everything in both posts, except for two items were purchased at the one shop.

If you missed part one  of my shopping trip, you can see all of the fun finds here

I fell in love with these colors  and the folk art.

This cast iron shell hanger will be going into the bathroom.

 From 2005, a Mermaid Starbucks mug.
 The soft colors and artsy pattern kept calling my name.  When I got home I found that I had two of them.  So cute to hold birdseed in a garden totem.  
 Can anyone pronounce that name on the bottom? Spulmaschinengeeignet
 Three one cup size Fire King baking dishes. 

 A vintage PINK crock!  I love it.

 An art deco candlestick.  It will make a beautiful pedestal for a cake plate.
By tomorrow I'll have a few new unique items!

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