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Snail Mail Recently Received

I have been really enjoying my foray into the world of snail mail.  

This is my first postcard from Postcrossings!   My favorite part were the wonderful stamps on it! It came from Oregon and I met a new friend with twin boys!  
I joined in January and have sent out five postcards now.   This first postcard was very exciting to receive! Postcards take quite a while to travel and one must  be very patient in this instant age!  
I sent one to Taiwan this morning to a young man interested in lighthouses. Well, heavens!!  He hoped I would send a postcard with a lighthouse for his collection.   I didn't have one for him on hand so I sent one with a photo my son in law took on a visit to the Outer Banks. I used an app on my phone, Postagram that my sister Karan, the world traveler discovered and shared with me. The receiver doesn't have the fun of great looking stamps with this app,  but at least my new pal in Taiwan won't have a duplicate postcard since the picture is an origin…

How to Have a Tinkerbell Party!

What can be nicer than having a Tinkerbell birthday party when you are turning TWO!

The first thing is to dress up just like Tinkerbell herself!

Have your party in Neverland   You will want it outdoors where there is a shadowy lagoon with a volcano, a hot springs and a bridge to fight off pirates or walk the plank!  Beyond the lagoon.... a ticking alligator lurks. 

Also, at a Tinkerbell birthday party, one must serve her guests a beautiful Tinkerbell Cookie Cake!
Every little girl believes in fairies and who better to grace her  special two year old birthday cake but charming Tinkerbell nestled in a flower!

You'll want your very own Peter Pan to assist you in the fine art of opening gifts by the lagoon You can barely see it, but Peter still has his shadow!

It is a serious business inspecting gifts among the lost boys and pirates who are clamoring for more of the treasures to be revealed.

But Tinkerbell can drift away  and take a moment to admire her new purse full of pixie dust a…

Having Afternoon Tea at the Tilted Teacup in Brooksville Florida

In Brooksville there is a little complex of  very adorable shops and this lovely tea room! Many of the shops are interconnected  and you can walk from one to the other without going outdoors.  You can also enter each shop from the main porch area.  Here is the entrance to the Tilted Teacup.  

 They serve a lovely high tea!  This is the main portion of the meal.   Each person had four different sandwiches, a hot quiche, and three different mini desserts. This was after a preliminary pot of tea and blueberry scones.
 It was really elegant.

We had a choice of Butternut Soup or Broccoli Cheese today. I chose the butternut and it was perfection.
The blue teacup made me think of Blue Monday!  I knew I would pick this shot for my photo!

 The room wasn't overly decorated but was charming with cute touches like this  hat rack with vintage hats in the hall way.  The ruby red one really stands out.
There is a little shop as you come in

I loved the fireplace area with the pink birdcage and f…

Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year!!
It's the year of the Monkey so I trotted these out for the day!
 Perhaps it was my sister Karan's garden that inspired me but I started thinking about having a Chinese for dinner.

I decided to order Chinese take out to celebrate but even an order for one is too much so I asked Mom to come over and bring my sister Janet, who was visiting!
It's nice she lives just 'round the  corner!
I ended up ordering extra dinners after all. with lots of Ruby Red Sweet and Sour Sauce!

It was only an impromptu dinner  but those are the best kinds sometimes!
Mom insisted on there being a picture of me my oriental top!

My sis Karan visited China recently.   Karan published a wonderful blog post on her visit...look HERE for some absolutely gorgeous photos and  a story about their day in China.  
So,  Happy New Year.....again! 
Did you celebrate?  How?

Sharing with Ruby Tuesday2

Karan's garden

Getting together with the family
Karan, my sister asked us over for the afternoon last week.  It's nice we don't have to wait  until the weekend to hang out.  We're all retired, footloose and fancy free.
She has put in a new garden and it was really beautiful at night I had to have this shadow picture! The twilight give the rocks and shadow an amazing blue color

Karan is happiest when entertaining!

 My younger sister was here as well as Joel, Karan's friend, and Mom
 I was having such a good time I forgot to photograph the delicious dinner she made for us: To begin: Wine and a variety of crackers, white and yellow cheeses and meats
Roast pork and sauerkraut  baked with apple and onion Mashed potato Green beans with almonds Rolls
Godiva chocolate liqueur
And to finish...
Mom brought a homemade Blueberry Cobbler, Karan added Vanilla ice cream coffee

I really like the serenity of her new front garden.
Is it a Zen Garden?

It's days like this that I feel fortunate to …

To Amuse Myself

I don't decorate for Valentines Day these days but this week, I decided to put up a garland  in honor of Valentine's Day that suited me
It was an impromptu gesture and I just used some fine twine and colorful paperclips

 Do you feel the itch to straighten them?  I liked it better this way than perfectly aligned.

It's nothing special but it amuses me, now that I'm on my own via widowhood to bring out my vintage...OLD MAID cards!
This is what is fun about thrifting.  You never know what you'll find!

Who remembers this series of cards from the 50's!

Do you remember your favorite card?  Mine was Molly Moo

Favorite picture of the week!

Total serenity!  

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A Caching Kind of Day

I always enjoy attending a caching event.  It's fun to catch up with new and old(ish) friends and share tales of our adventures while out geocaching.   Yesterday the event was held at the Thirsty Marlin in Palm Harbor.

A photo of one of our hosts, was Wild Rice (her geocaching name)!  She co-hosted with Gray Wolf, her husband.

 For the uninitiated, geocaching is a world wide GPS game where we are hunting out hidden containers that hold a log book and sometimes fun objects like coins, toys, etc.  Once you find the container (cache) you sign the log book as proof and then enter your find on the website. It's really a lot of fun.

 Here are some of the guests and there were perhaps a dozen more I didn't get.  The groups are usually small and  very friendly.  
One of the guests was able to claim her 2,000th find here today!  It puts my paltry 315 to shame as I have been involved since April of 2009.  I didn't look for any caches though for five years during that time, so te…