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Janet's Art

My sister Janet's original art
So Monday Mellow Yellows!  

A blue sky is a nice way to start off the week! 

She doesn't save anything.  So I have

Her signature phrase!  She drew card after card like this one and donated them for our local shelter to sell.  

How thoughtful is that!

Janet now has a collection for sale on EtsyClick here to view collection

We had lunch today and she was quite
pleased to read your comments!

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Sponge Docks at Tarpon Springs

Crisp bright salty air Sponges abound everywhere Greek divers seen there

Tile mural directly across the street.  Bill on his 66th.

Shadow Shot Sunday Sundays in My City

Weekends are for Thrifting

Hoping to inspire you to get out there and find something fun or valuable!

Remember my visit to that cute store  Ozoma?  This was my purchase :-)  All four pieces for $6.00!   Not old but perfect for  flower plates and totems next spring.   In the meantime...for me! 

These little bulldogs I bought at different sales at different times many years ago. I've always kept them together.  

 This beauty has no purpose but to stand there and look good. 

From all angles....

But I liked it when I saw it at a yard sale and have always kept it.   It made the cut when I only took 1/3 of my belongings to Florida.

 These jugs made the cut too.   The vase is hand painted from Italy and it looks great everywhere This tiny jug is just clay pottery. It is probably someone's school assignment!   I loved the color, the weight and the shape.   I was completely drawn to it.  It tucks into any grouping so nicely. The little shell was found by my Granddaughter, Kyra at the beach here last May.  

 I d…

Busch Gardens Tampa

A Safari on the Florida Serengeti 
Where  different animals roam together 

And Zebra graze contentedly

 My favorite...the Giraffe

They are all so curious as the train rattles by! 

...and oh so Magnificent! 

Rhinos and their wallowing grounds
Gazelle line the horizon

 Everyone on the train have their cameras out

 zooming in on the gazelle

and the Zebra

It's easy to forget it's a park until the blue skyway cars pass overhead
And roller coasters roar!
I can practically hear the drum beats of the commercial:  Busch Gardens....Tampa!  

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Seasonal Sunday

The Flowers of Busch Gardens

There is nothing like a beautiful garden and Bush Gardens in Tampa Florida is really a delight to the eye.  
Busch Gardens is true to it's name and there are mini gardens everywhere.  This is a very small sampling. 

It is still summer here in Tampa even though the calendar says it is now autumn

Shades of pink abound even in the foliage

 There were quite a variety of Orchids

Also other flowers.  This one looks as if it has been painted...could that be?  

 I loved the combination of pink and purple in one blossom

The flowers were almost as numerous as the bees

Pots and planters were everywhere as well as lush gardens

Shaded by palms, orchids and variegated foliage grew thickly around the base.

Even many of the trees had huge blossoms so beautiful they took your breath away. 
To hear more about Tampa's Busch Gardens I wrote an article HERE.  We had a wonderful celebration of  Bill's 66th birthday when we took the day to come to the park using our season pass.  A thrifty way …

Kentucky Bridge Shadow Shot

Shadow shot is late Overwhelmed with emotion Goodbye to my friend

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Horse Show!

While we were in Dayton we were lucky enough to be there during the 4-H sponsored horse show where our daughter in law, Rachel was competing.  
We came in the back way on a dirt road through a cornfield!  I wasn't sure if this was the right way or not. 
It was! 
This is Amy, the horse that was Rachel was riding.  My grandchildren, Lauren (front) and Kyra were able to spend time with Amy before the competition.

Kyra rides as well, so she really enjoyed getting to know Amy

Ryan kept his distance!  
Rachel  spent some time grooming Amy while we watched.

A very short video of Rachel riding past us during the competition!  It's only 6 seconds but it shows off our daughter in law's riding skill! 

 She won a blue ribbon and a red ribbon on this day.  

Click HERE for an interesting interview with Rachel all about the Event.  I'd love for you to read it, I wrote it for Yahoo Voices. 
We loved spending time with our children and grandchildren here at the Preble County Fairgroun…