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The New Dining Out

When Food Trucks are Successful
This place started out as a food truck on the side of the road and just grew and grew

They have a wonderfully colorful sign with flags and landscaping

The ruby reds are so vivid I had to get a close up

 They traded a truck for a trailer and enclosed it adding a patio
It's outdoor dining at it's finest, as it is way, way out in the country where five streets intersect. Did I say the meal was to die for?  

 We drove at least thirty minutes out of Fayetteville, NC to dine here.   The meal was worth every mile.
We all bought something different and shared.

A perfect post for my first Ruby Tuesday Too party in a long while.
  Every photo includes a red jewel of some sort!

I'm a little wordy for Wordless Wednesday...but no one is perfect! 

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Stopping in for Coffee

In downtown Fayetteville, NC we were exploring the city and taking in some geocaching when we felt the need to stop and have a cup of joe to keep us going. 
We saw some tables outside this little hole in the wall coffee house, that were filled but we hoped to find more tables inside

After ordering coffee and a roll, at a long counter I spotted a small seating area which led to a narrow hallway past restrooms and to a back door.

Opening the door I discovered this fantastic patio area completely empty?!
Notice the blue jewel hanging in the upper right corner 

 Happily I settled myself and my eyes just feasted on this undiscovered dining area. You can always find a touch of yellow to brighten any area, even as little color as this plant stand has, it just sings.
On every side it was so attractive

This blue chair had "Blue Monday" written all over it!

 Scented flowers filled these pots

 And even the holes in the walls were delightfully filled with interesting objects.
I love th…

Nassau, Bahamas

It's steamy hot  and sunny in beautiful Nassau
The shadows told the tale

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The Colorful Caribbean

One of the most interesting parts of traveling in the Caribbean is how colorful it it.  
Here, we try for the most neutral colors we can when painting our homes.  We let the landscape add the color.  
In the Caribbean the buildings are every color of the rainbow.
A true treasure!

Each one has unique shadows that add to the glamour.   For more great shadow shots check out the link at the bottom of the page.

Blue, yellow and red makes these buildings almost look like a flag

It's more colorful here in Florida than in most of the states, but still I'm dazzled when I travel to the Caribbean.  

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Savannah Style Fencing

While in Savannah this month, I was intrigued by the numerous designs of wrought iron fences.  
This one really caught my eye. 
 It was quite dramatic mounted atop the stone wall what was centuries old.

This fence itself was about five foot high with lots of detail.  The stone wall was about twenty feet.  

It was located right on the river front where the city was founded.  A cobbled road wound it's way up the hill from the river and this fence is still doing it's job keeping travelers from falling over the edge of the cliff.

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Visiting Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

It's a wondereful time of year to visit Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park, in Homosassa Springs, Florida but plan to go early in the day. 
The animals are always most active in the early morning.  Later in the day they tend to take siestas in the afternoon sun or maybe just get bored with the visitors.
The park opens at 9:00 a.m. and it's nice and cool for us too, the pathways are shady and sea breezes penetrate. 
Here you might do a double take as it looks like a face!
It's actually a photo of two owls and a tortoise!  

 The Roseate Spoonbill was in fine form today

 Look closely to see the spoon shaped bill
 Just taking flight! 

 The American Bald Eagles were regal
And I can never get enough of the flamingos 
I seem to have really focused on the birds this trip!   More owls! 
I did not photograph the manatees except these two!  
 It's all fun though! 
My friend Ginny is visiting and must have a souvenir photo as well!!    
I can watch the flamingos all day!

A wildlife …

Fayetteville Rose Garden

One of the nicest parks we stumbled upon in my daughters new hometown was the Fayetteville Rose Garden!
The avenues were grassy and rambling and each turn brought a new color and variety of rose to enjoy.

There were beautiful places to sit.

Everything was so well maintained!
The scent in the air was fabulous.

The colors so vivid.

The fountain was in the center of the garden.

I couldn't restrain myself from closeups.

Not a single photo really captured how beautiful it was.

 The day was overcast, I can just well imagine how a sunny day would have enhanced the visit. 

If you get a chance to visit Fayetteville, NC be sure to take an hour or so and enjoy the roses!

2201 Hull Rd, Fayetteville, NC

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