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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  

Gracie dressed up as Snow White!  
Here in Florida with the weather so balmy it was beautiful for Trick or Treating.  We live on a street with only two other houses  and only three children in the neighborhood so we do not get visitors here on Halloween.  Our Gracie lasted just a few minutes in her costume, enough for me to get a picture and share it.  
Mr. Me and I watched Darby O'Gill and the Little People and I remember why the Banshee scared me to death when I was nine!  A perfect night to watch this! 
Hope all of you, my readers, my friends, had wonderful fun  Halloween this year!

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A Storybook and Halloween Themed Couples Baby Shower

Mr. Me has managed to evade all baby showers until this past weekend when he was brought, into the todays world where husbands share everything, including participating in the baby shower!
  Fortunately it was not a shower in the traditional sense where diaper pins appear on clothing, prizes are awarded for winning quizzes about the habits of babies or unscrambling words like receiving blanket, onesie and nipple.  
This shower was very elegant! A storybook theme where all guests dressed as their favorite storybook character was very fun!  
We were Huck Finn and The Fifth Chinese Brother The honorees dressed as Snow White and Prince Charming!   Photo credit:  Karan McCaughey
Out on the patio!  

My nephew Rob and his lovely wife Lauren. The shower was held at her parents beautiful home. To the left the fireplace the right  the pool

A close up of the decorated mantel out on the patio

Seated , you faced the pool

The volcano was burning especially for the occasion and the hot tub…

My Thrifted Art

A couple of paintings that I thrifted are now hanging in my home. Who says art has to be expensive?  I purchased this one at an estate sale for practically nothing.  A couple of dollars if I remember right.  I asked about the history and I was told the couple had visited Greece or perhaps it was Crete and had purchased it from a street artist.  

I think the name is G. Grigoros ? 

 This one I loved and could hardly buy it fast enough.  I don't remember asking any questions about it. 

The Flash brightened it in the above photo.  The colors are really quite soft. 

The primitive painting is my favorite style
I loved how it was framed but, as in many I've seen in galleries, the frames could use some work. I have not seen anything online about the artist, nor do I expect to.   It just makes me feel happy.  It may make an appearance on my mantle in January. 

This one I bought, but suspect it's a composite of several artists that mass produce work. The scene reminds me of an Engl…

How To Cook A Pumpkin for Healthier Recipes

Serving wholesome baked items without preservatives is a must these days now that we know more about harmful additives in many of the prepared foods you find at the supermarket.  With pumpkins readily available right now this is a good time to buy and stock your freezer.  

. Making your baked goods from whole foods using organic vegetables and fruits is always a good choice. Prepare your pumpkin for all your great recipes ahead of time.

• First of all preheat oven to 350 degrees.

• Wash your pumpkin thoroughly. Next cut in half and remove the fiber and seeds (save your seeds to roast).

• Bake face down on a baking sheet to roast until the flesh is tender. Approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

• Simply scrape the soft flesh into your food processor or blender, and puree. You could also just mash with your hand mixer or a fork. 

Freeze any leftover pureed pumpkin for another pumpkin recipe.  I usually bake more than one pumpkin at a time.  My favorite thing to make with my pumpkin puree is a very s…

Life is a Road Trip

Shadowed now..but see? We have brighter times ahead One must keep rolling

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A Jar of Really Old Buttons

I was looking for a nice size jar with a screw on lid and picked one up from the back of the rack at the Goodwill last week.  It was partially filled with some old buttons.  "Huzzah!" I said to myself as I put it in the cart, I'll look at them  later.   
I have no idea about buttons except that I like them.  
The jar is about 6" cubed.  It's not quite half full. I've had the little dog for ages...picked him up at at yard sale years ago.  Maybe I should give him a name. 

I poured them out and saw they were indeed quite old and not all in great condition.  

But I still liked them!

 They would be fun to keep around I took pictures of about half of the buttons 
What fun they were to go through! 
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What I Didn't Buy at the Thrift Store...Part II

This is quite a misleading title for a post, but if you missed my earlier post showing you a number of items I passed up while trying to be good while it is:  Click here
I did leave you hanging as to which of the items pictured that I actually did buy!  
Well, it wasn't this mug because I didn't see it the other day.     I had so many regrets that I did go back the next day.  I spotted this mug and had to have it.  Who could pass this up?  A great Monday Mellow Yellows cup!   Don't you just love the cheery color inside and out?   
This is the item I purchased.  My mom and sister love cats like I do and I was getting tired of her same coffee mugs! Since my sis is staying there for awhile I gifted them with the three mugs.  One for each of us!  

 My mom, later said...Only 3?  Well that was odd, so when I
went back, I searched the shelf and the 4th one was there!  Now
how often would that happen?

This was the item I regretted most leaving.  I was hoping to f…

Success Can't Be Measured

Who knew that anything growing in pure sand could be so tough? 

It fought valiantly But we persevered and won Victory is sweet
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What I Didn't Buy at the Thrift Store Today

Ahhhh.....the regret, the self congratulation and the horror.  It's all there at the thrift shop. 
When you peruse these items, what would your regret be?  What would you congratulate yourself about leaving at the shop even though you wanted it.  Is there a horrific item to you?  

A fish teapot sans lid Perfect for a garden totem.  

 A 50's chip and dip set $3.19

 Another colorful teapot that is worthy of actual use.
A very strange, but quite interesting looking coffee mug.

 A set of three quite artsy cat mugs

An very tall aqua glass vase priced $3.00 higher  than a similar one I saw  in a retail store.

 A souvenir glass from Italy that caught my eye
A , not quite as classy, very pink souvenir from the Great Smoky Mountains

 A vintage small vase.   I had to include the cat and dog figurines.  They are all  dressed up a la the 90's when we decorated everything in pink and white ribbons, roses and strings of pearls.  The cat is glued to a sweet lace trimmed floral tuffet.