Thursday, February 20, 2014

Second Honeymoon on the Norwegian Pearl

The Sail Away

Here we are!  Married 45 years and decided to take a second honeymoon to celebrate!

Our first honeymoon in 1969  was a two day trip to Carmel California, a short drive away from where we were married.  

We took our car across the state and visited family, then took the train down to Miami.
It was fun, but......Never again, we didn't realize the risks.  
 My recommendation is that you do not use the train on the day of your sailing. 
Trains are unreliable about arrival times and can be up to four hours late as this train was the very next day.  But if you do, a taxi can be hired for just a few dollars from the train station to take you direct to the ship.

It was very exciting when we boarded the Norwegian Pearl 

We immediately went to the buffet.  We boarded very early around 11:00 even though we weren't scheduled until much later.  They don't make you wait until your scheduled boarding time, you just process through. 

Boarding early like that means the buffet is not crowded.  We took our time, but didn't linger.  It's simple good manners as everyone wants to eat and it gets very crowded later. 

After a quick lunch in the buffet, we explored a bit. 

 I love how the decks were all decorated differently!  
This is the Lido Deck

We are on our way!

See the cute pilot boat?  The City of Miami is in the background.

The buildings are fabulous as you sail out to sea.  We had a 
wonderful window seat in the air conditioned lounge to enjoy the Sail Away.
Miami can be hot even in February!
Now though,  I always go to one of the top decks to watch.  It's always breezy and cool.

Miami Beach up close!

After we were at sea Bill and I walked up to the Sail Away party in full swing!  
We stood on the top deck where
The Steep Canyon Rangers were playing.
It was a great view and we could hear very well and enjoy all the cloggers! 

This band won a Grammy for their latest album this year
They also play and tour with Steve Martin

We had lucked into a charter cruise where it was a Bluegrass Music Festival and 
most of the passengers had purchased expensive tickets that included shows all day and night for the 
four day trip.  We picked up an unsold room for peanuts at the last minute.

We didn't have a pass to go to the bluegrass shows but did enjoy the free shows out on deck during all three  Sailaways.  Also, when on a music cruise, there are impromptu gatherings everywhere of musicians jamming.  Not the professionals, many of the passengers had their instruments with them and play in local bands.  It was very exciting to sit in on the jams. 

If my Cruise Critic people have any questions about the ship, or about music cruises....let me know!