Monday, September 29, 2014

Beautiful Florida

Sometimes I just need to share a particularly glorious fall sunset.  There is lot's of pink in this one! 

This was a few days ago
 Bill and I sat
out in a gazebo
and just enjoyed the colors against the silhouette of the tree.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beachy Sunset

There is nothing like a beautiful sunset.  It's especially nice when you are on a date!  

This last hospital stay we almost lost my husband.  He had begun bleeding out of an artery and had lost so much blood he almost died.  His blood was too thin from his blood thinner they couldn't do surgery right away.  They gave him unit after unit of blood all day and night until 3 am the next morning.  They went in and coiled off part of his kidney.  If he hadn't stopped bleeding, they were going to take the entire kidney.  

The recovery was very slow and after two weeks in the hospital he had barely recovered enough to walk.  They sent him home too early.

He developed so much fluid in his legs that on his followup doctor visit two days later, his doctor sent him to rehab.  

Bill was in the rehab center for a week because he had so much fluid on his legs and feet.  He also need physical therapy to relearn how to use his legs and being able to move well on his own.  He worked hard and improved his walking and was able to easily rise from a sitting position and strengthen his arms.

We discovered after a week in rehab, if you can walk, you can go out for a bit with someone responsible.  Rehab is not like a regular hospital stay.  Upon learning that, I whisked him off and we went home for the afternoon and he got to watch the Bucks play football and then we went off to the beach to see the sunset.

 We had a light supper afterwards at Dennys where they serve breakfast 24/7.  
It was lovely.  He came home just yesterday, discharged completely.  I hope he can stay home for awhile.