Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I Hit the Mother Lode of Coffee Cups!

I was out thrifting yesterday and I always try to bring back a new cup for my morning coffee when I thrift but yesterday I couldn't stop at one! 

This beauty from Lenox China has a completely different butterfly
on the other side and a blue flower.  I chose it for my 
birthday cup of morning coffee this morning!  

It sips like a dream, the cup is thin and delicate.  I was afraid the scallops would be awkward but you would never know when sipping!  Even on eBay it sells it's priced anywhere from $22 to $7.00

All the cups are even prettier in person than shown. 

Now this one is a great cup, with a flared top that leans out.  It holds the most coffee and the retro styling is a favorite of mine.  I always love this 30's look.  

This one has the beautiful pattern, gorgeous border that extends to the handle.  
Inside the cup is the Pawpaw blossom!  I love that.
Again it's a beautiful porcelain cup of the highest quality.  

I just purchased a book of postcards that includes this beautiful fairy! 
The cup is from Queen and it is the fabulous thin, delicate porcelain.  It also has the decorated handle, blossom inside the cup and 
the beautiful fairy on the  outside.

This one had the most vivid butterflies all around the cup and I just couldn't 
leave it.  It is a little heavier china, but not too thick. and has the curved rim and 
nice handle.  It's probably the least expensive all all the cups originally but will be a joy to drink from.  

Three of the cups were priced at $4.99, a shockingly high price for a thrift store but a bargain when you think of what you would pay retail.

Each cup was only FIFTY CENTS yesterday!  

More about my thrifting tomorrow!