Sunday, June 19, 2016

Making a Junk Journal

I first heard about Junk Journals from Cheri at Fabric and Memories but she was writing from myLot where I write also.  

I was fascinated about using up my mountains of junk papers in an artistic way, by way of making something functional.  

She uses papers from everywhere and I have linked to her page (above) where she blogged about her first Junk Journal 

I looked on YouTube and watched a dozen videos about people showing their junk journals then yesterday I found one that showed me how to make one.  It was painfully slow though!  She digresses, doesn't finish sentences, pets the cat, has a hard time getting the glue going.  In short it was like sitting with her in person while she showed me everything.  The the video was an hour long!  

But I learned the steps about taking all kinds of junk papers and turning them into subscriptions, which are small groups and how to glue them into a book cover.  It looked easy peasy.  

Well, yes and no.   

Just a wee shadow here! 

I love how mine turned out!   I used an antique book but didn't make adjustments 
for deteriorating spine fabric and I tore it while binding.  I had to use Duck Tape 
to repair it.  But oh well!  It's Junk!  

I forgot to clip my pages together when cutting and so they are not as even
as they could be.  I also don't have a heavy duty paper cutter anymore so I had 
to eyeball it and use scissors.  Not good!  

I used envelopes, printed materials that were mistakenly printed too big to use in pocket letters, some leftover pages from book I have cut up and lots of Washi tape.  

In the picture below, on the left is an envelope that is part of the subscription  (the other half is further into the book) and on the right is an envelope I later added along with some bling to decorate it.

I have barely scratched the surface on filling and decorating this book.  I'll color Alice and fill the empty spaces with things I like or just jot down things I want to remember.
The envelopes are to keep items in that I don't want to glue into a book. 

The next picture
I had a piece of watercolor paper I had done a background on but didn't use it.  It will be 
a great background for something I might find later.
Then I used an envelope that came from China.  Again,because I didn't clip the pages it 
is in crooked.  But you know what? I don't care!  I learned something!

  Actually, I love it.  I love the foreign writing, the bubble wrap inside and the big old pocket it made.  

After I put the book together I had many pages with just writing.   I added note cards and made them into pockets that I can stuff with ephemera.  Note on the left the other part of the envelope you saw earlier.  The top center looks messy because of my inexperience but I will hopefully learn from these mistakes. 

In the next picture
I made a double pocket on the right and put a note pad in it and a small painting I was experimenting with, in the bottom half.  
On the left is a pocket and I may not cover that Chinese writing with anything.  I love it.  

You use all sizes of paper and some that were torn, I left it torn, just because I love how it looks

Note the white spaces are great for penning in quotes I like.

The backs of these boot pictures are blank, so I can journal there or paste something in.
it's crazy and crooked but the more time I've spent in this junk journal the more I love it.  

There are dozens more pages but I will stop here and do another post in a few months after I have added a lot more to the book.  It is going to be fun to add bits and pieces of my life to this little junk journal that will be mine alone.  I send out pocket letters and love them and love to share my art but this little book is mine to keep.  

I have a video on YouTube of this journal and several others I've made.  My YouTube Channel  is:

How easy is that?  Come visit and Subscribe!  

Thanks Cheri for writing about yours, I have more fun with junk and this is a great way to put it into some order. 

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Love Washi

Mikoka Washi Tape

I wanted this set of Washi because I absolutely loved the antique look when making pocket letters.  My favorite pocket letters are vintage ones and this Washi tape is from the Antique Bright set from Mikoka.  I like it because it's very easy to work with.  

This is a pocket with bunting.  It's so easy to do.  

 I chose a piece of vintage cardstock  and just put Washi across the bottom.
I just tear it off and then trim the ends.

I scored it about every quarter inch using the corner of a metal ruler.
I use what I have! 

 Then I just folded it accordion style. 

 I placed a piece of matching Washi all along the bottom to hold it in this position.

(even when crafting I notice shadows!)

It really makes a beautiful pocket embellishment! 
This one was placed right on the card, and fit inside the pocket.

You can also affix them to the outside, it will give it a bit more dimension. 

Another thing I like to do with Washi is to cover things!

Here is a simple tea light.

They are just the right size for Washi 

I like placing them at different levels when entertaining.  Easy and inexpensive! 

I also like to gift pencils covered in Washi
Isn't this a great idea!  
Washi is a paper tape so it will also sharpen along with the pencil in many sharpeners.  

If if doesn't sharpen in your sharpener, just peel and tear the Washi first and then sharpen.

How cute is this?

What else can you cover?  Well your imagination is your only limit. 
Keys, switch plates, flower pots, bud vase, a broom handle, flip flop thong,.....
Just go crazy!  Mikoka Washi comes in many, many different patterns and colors. 

Mikoka gave me a set of tapes
and asked me to do a blog on how I used them.  
Wasn't that nice??

Thank you Mikoka!  I love my Washi!  

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