Blogging Again!

It's been quite a while since I've done any blogging and I have really missed it.  

I know there are some of you that have been very loyal to me and check my blog for new content and I've let you down.  I've had such fun with doing my art on YouTube that I was exclusively there.  

But I am going to try and combine the two!  After all, there is more to life than Art!  
I travel so much and have so many activities I really need both mediums.  

It's not easy to find certain videos on YouTube so I will leave my latest video here at the bottom, but I want to have a record of my personal life here, places visited and events attended!  

In January I mentioned I had a wedding coming up and three graduations!  

so here is an update!  

 MyGranddaughter Kyra married the love of her life, Nick on January 18th 2019

Her dad and Talon, his service dog walked her down the aisle

The wedding was lovely, candle lit and attended by almost all her family, his close family and many friends!

It was so lovely!! 

I was quite a happy camper!  

Kyra was a beautiful bride!

Shelly in the foreground is my daughter, Kyra's Mom and Her Maid of Honor
in the background is my other granddaughter Lauren!

 Here are my only two granddaughters! 

This is Lauren with her "Love"!  

My two grown up grandsons dancing at the reception!

My youngest Grandson, Bennett with his Aunt Dianne my oldest daughter

My nephew Ryan with two of his kids at the reception, Holly and Tyler

The parents of the bride, Michael and Shelly

A token cake to cut!  They opted for cupcakes to serve all the guests but this beautiful cake was there for them as well. 

My son James with Bennett!  The destination wedding was held at a Wild West town as the grooms choice!  All the buildings were open to the guests and it was very fun!

After the wedding the groom entered the Air Force and went to boot camp and fire fighters school in Texas.  By early September they were able to get their first apartment in Abilene and are just happy as clams!  

Next blog I will cover the graduations of my family!  

Here is a video of what I did this week!  


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