Make a Mark March!

This month I am participating in Make a Mark March.  Each day a special mark is featured when doing a mixed media piece.  Now you don't always have to use just one mark,  but the mark for that specific day must be included in your submission.

It is simply a challenge, not a contest so it's all for fun but I have been challenged by learning new ways to incorporate uniqueness in my backgrounds.  For example:

The dark crackly marks were achieved by wrapping a rubber band around a stick and rolling it in paint, then rolling it on the painting.  Each mark is different and lends a certain discord, which adds to the theme of the piece.  


How interesting! Joining a challenge can really spark your creativity!
Jeff Amira said…
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Sandy said…
Very nice. I can't even draw a good stick figure, lol. Am out blog walking today and going through my reading list, visiting folks that I've not seen in awhile. Hope you're doing well. I see you've not blogged since March?

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