Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Where the Red, Red Roses Grow

My mother sang this song to me when I was growing up.  I can remember  her coming in and sitting on the bed if I was restless and singing this song.  It was only later when I began singing it to my children that I wondered about it.  I found out it was a song her mother sang to her.

When my grandmother was dying we gathered around her hospital bed and visited and chatted.  She had pneumonia but was in good spirits.  We talked about many things.  Questions were answered and one that I asked her, if she remembered this song.  I had made up a line for it because I didn't remember it exactly.

She remembered it word for word.  She was 90 years old, the day before she died and she sang it to all of us for the last time.

There is only one recording of it on Youtube.

The song was published in 1926
just two years before my mother was born.  She was the last baby in the family
so I wish I had asked about other "lullabies"  that she sang.  

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Little Landscaping Music Please!

It's summer so landscaping is the usual order of things..except in Florida! 

I really only intended to have the kid from around the corner come over and weed this area.

We had purchased landscaping fabric to cover it up but hadn't decided on what to put over it, Mr. Me was wanting rock and I was wanting mulch made from cut up tires.  Both were pretty expensive.

So I hired the kid to come and weed before I had some guests overnight but he never showed up.  Ten days later, yesterday he knocked on the door.  As I was describing what needed weeded I asked him if he wanted to lay landscaping fabric and pour mulch over it.  He was fine with that and said he would give it a go.  We settled on a price and I went off to buy mulch.  

Normally I would have purchased plants first but needs must and I had the kid here working so I 
decided that the plants could be placed later.  Lets just get it started. 

For someone who was only 18 I think he did a great job and two thirds less than the price I was quoted
by two neighbor men who do odd jobs.  

As it was I gave him extra and he did the work for $20.00 an hour.  

He even placed everything back where he liked it and picked up all his trash 
and swept the area clean.

So it's a bit sparse until I decide on plants.  Unfortunately in his haste to finish he covered up about six of my fledgling plants I had been babying along, including my Easter Lily bulbs that have bloomed twice now. 
I had pointed them out but it was at the beginning of the job and I wasn't 
supervising since he was doing so well. 

The mulch is GOLD much not the red mulch  since our stones are goldish on the front of the house.  

It's much prettier in person.  

He moved my little stepping stones to a more practical spot. I think I will put a path way here.  Its right in front of the doorway.  

He was every bit as proud of the job as I was!  He took before and after pictures and was planning to put them on his facebook!  

I forgot to take the before pictures. (wink wink) the "before" looked pretty overgrown and ugly.  

Happily the rain finally arrived today, soaking the lawn that is growing on a pure sandbar...and it will green up nicely before my next set of guests arrive! 

This is what it looked like on Google a few months before we bought it.  

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

By the Sea Summer Mantle

 We live by the sea

It's about time for a change of scenery in our living room.  With all the heat and occupation with other issues this summer the winter cowboy scene was looking pretty tired.

With company on it's way I got busy 
spruced it up and summerfied it! 

Again my grandfathers oil painting is the feature to bring light and color to the dark rocks.
I had a sea motif last summer with my mermaids and Grandpa Selleck's painting
 but with different items.

My mermaids are now surrounded with starfish and shells this time.

The bubble candle holders are back

 Mermaids are swimming into the painting 

And swimming out.

The Mosaic I picked up in North Carolina last winter was specifically purchased  for this and rests next to the pylon

It reads:   The sea appears golden against the sun-lit sky

I love seeing his signature on the painting.  My Gandpa Selleck was very special to me.
The painting was given to my parents for Christmas in 1957

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