By the Sea Summer Mantle

 We live by the sea

It's about time for a change of scenery in our living room.  With all the heat and occupation with other issues this summer the winter cowboy scene was looking pretty tired.

With company on it's way I got busy 
spruced it up and summerfied it! 

Again my grandfathers oil painting is the feature to bring light and color to the dark rocks.
I had a sea motif last summer with my mermaids and Grandpa Selleck's painting
 but with different items.

My mermaids are now surrounded with starfish and shells this time.

The bubble candle holders are back

 Mermaids are swimming into the painting 

And swimming out.

The Mosaic I picked up in North Carolina last winter was specifically purchased  for this and rests next to the pylon

It reads:   The sea appears golden against the sun-lit sky

I love seeing his signature on the painting.  My Gandpa Selleck was very special to me.
The painting was given to my parents for Christmas in 1957

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Jean Marie,
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your very sweet words!!

I love your mantle!! I wanted to change my Patriotic Tree over to a Beach Tree but time is not going to allow that so it will stay as a Patriotic Tree until I move it ( the white tree) upstairs in September to decorate for Christmas in the Guest Room and move mt big 7 foot tree into the Living Room and decorate it for Fall before it gets decorated for Christmas!!
Yes. I am crazy!! LOL!!

What a great mantle, I especially love the painting by your grandfather, what a beautiful treasure.
The painting is so beautiful and special to you, too. Love your mermaid and starfish! It looks nice together. We are in NC now, enjoying some cooler weather! happy Sunday my friend! Hugs!
Jill said…
Summery and nice!
Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! Apologies for the late visit. Work has been occupying me a lot lately. I miss blog hopping and reading your blog. Good thing it's Friday here and I finally got the chance to consume my leave credits.

I love all the artworks and items in your home. The "under the sea theme" Makes your home feel more "homey' and relaxing.

Wishing you a great weekend ahead!
Ruth Cox said…
Your grandfather's painting of the sea is a beauty! I'm sure it's a treasure to you.

FYI... I found your blog link on Bubblews!

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