They are everywhere!! 
You won't see this hidden Mickey until you look for it.

One of the fun thing for a family to do when at Disney World is search their surroundings for Hidden Mickeys. They are everywhere and even small children can find them. Some have even written books on where they are located. New hidden Mickeys are always being added to new places as Disney evolves and changes daily. A hidden Mickey can be any kind of Mickey, but mostly are the silhouette of the mouse himself.

This one is certainly hard to see until you SEE it!  

At the Animal Kingdom Lodge one of the free games you can play is finding specific Hidden Mickeys. It's like a scavenger hunt. The front desk will provide you with a paper with all the clues.  You do not need to be a guest at the Lodge, any visitor can request this game.

Easy peasy but only because I zero'd in on it!

Each is written as a riddle so you must solve the riddle first to find the place and then find the hidden Mickey on the item. It's not always as easy as the one in the picture above. Can you find it?

There is a hint at the bottom of the page if you can't find this one.

This game was fun for all ages and when we visited it took us to areas of the resort we didn't know about. The challenge was great and it was always fun to be the first in a group to find it! We had a lovely afternoon visiting the Lodge and exploring.  It's another way to spend time at Disney without spending money.  

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Hint:  It's in the stenciling.