Red Carpet Zings

I'm usually not interested except for the worst look, but last night it was fun to watch with my mom and discuss the fashion explosion. We generally approved the gowns but did not like the canary yellow dress worn by Heidi Klum. Definitely a bold move but it was a mess of conflicting everything. Was it short or long? Was it one pattern or six? Did it have shoulders or no? Just a mess.

I thought the most striking dress was the one Jamie Alexander wore, a colorful beaded beauty that was so elegant it really caught my eye. Not only elegant, but modest. Truly a win/win.  Unfortunately her hair looked like she just got out of the shower.

One thing I miss is the jewelry. Very few in these strapless dresses with plunging necklines had anything adorning the huge blank space between chin and navel. Ladies, don't give up the jewels!! I love them! The minimal look was praised to the hilt with a simple bracelet being deemed quite enough, but not for me.
Makeup and hair also surprised me. The lack of color on these faces last night was gloomy and many of those chopped bobs looked like my hair when washed and air dried. It was the slicked down hair that is the worst though. Plastered down with goo to the shape of their heads. Not appealing at all. I like natural, medium length that looks cared for.

Lady Gaga comes to mind. She looked perfect. Beautiful hair, soft color on her lips and cheeks, elegant gown and had earrings. A broach would have been stunning on that dress but the tats might have clashed.
Who won the awards? I didn't care. I didn't watch. The red carpet was entertainment enough.


Annesphamily said…
Sometime I just enjoy the fashions and looking at who is who! A great post here. I was visiting Maria at her blog and saw a comment you made regarding sending postcards. Maria is the ultimate postcard queen. I love them too. I would like to do a postcard giveaway ! I did one years ago and when my mother in law passed away I never finished it. I received postcards from so many people and places. I still have them all. A friends grandson is involved in a school project and they are collecting stamped and postmarked postcards! Her grandson is really enjoying the project. He has 14 out of 19 states they received as a whole class currently. My oldest daughter is in Washington state for training at her new position at work and got into the city quite early so she is near the Idaho border and she went to Cour d'arlene for a quick look around. I should have had her send him postcards from both states! Hee Hee!
It is always nice to see you at the blog. Have a nice week and take care. Glad I stopped by.
Sheila Brown said…
I have to agree with you on Heidi's dress, it was just a mess! Jamie's dress was quite beautiful, but her hair would have looked much better "fixed". Lady GaGa, what can I say! LOL I'm glad I found your blog, I will be visiting often! :)
Mary K. said…
You are so funny, but do make your point. They put themselves out there for people to judge at them and they do not always look the best... where do they get their advice from ??

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