Saturday, March 12, 2016


Lately, I'm so busy I haven't had time to blog but here is a quick mishmash of my activities!


The motto of Etegami is:  It's fine to be clumsy.

Well that suits me just fine because I am not a perfectionist in any way.  Above is an Etegami postcard I sent my daughter in law.  Mistakes and all. 

I saw this and loved it.  
It seems that I have been taking a zillion pictures lately!

Including a selfie or two!!

Pocket letters!  I'm all about pocket letters.
Here is one I received!  With bonus stuff!
Perfect for my Pink Saturday offering!

It came in the mail in a large envelope decorated with stickers and had some 
bonus cards and a note pad!

 Here is the actual pocket letter with a beach theme.

The back side had goodies enclosed!

I've also been doing some geocaching here and there, attending events and meeting
new people. 

I took this shot sitting along a beautiful river bank and finding my cache contained just a log and a blue marble.  
I took the photo for Blue Monday

 and for Shadow Shot Sunday2 - it cast a lovely blue shadow!  

I'm also making another Jeannie Beanie Bumpy Blanket!  I love this yarn, it's the softest ever!

This blanket I made two years ago is on it's second baby!  

Baby Gabrielle

For the Pattern:  Click Here

In addition I have been attending game nights with a local group playing board games until late in the night at all night iHop!  Having lunches, dinners and thrifting with my mom and sisters and squeaking time out to read and crochet.  

Life has been a mishmash!

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Blue Monday is really Blue Today

Today was Sally's last Blue Monday post on her 
Linky Party Blog.  She passed away last week, a shock to me when I first heard.

This is what I had set aside to post to celebrate Blue Monday today.

As a Christian, Sally left a wonderful post explaining her faith, which I share, and how you can experience her peace as well.  Please take a moment to go and read it if you haven't already.  Here is the LINK

It's hard to lose a friend.  I've been interacting and contributing to Blue Monday for many years when I had something blue to contribute.  I wish the family peace and joy in Sally's promotion to a place in Heaven.