Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Spring Visit to Spring Hill Botanical Garden

My last visit was in the summer and most of the blooms were different.  
This is what is blooming in April in Florida! 

While there I had to stop and pick up a geocache!

An interesting Mother Child sculpture

 This was quite the strange flower! 

A bit further back so you can see how it grows.

It was a nice visit but I missed many areas due to time constraints.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pocket Letter Ready to Roll

There was a request for a swap for a Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn Pocket letter and I was lucky enough to get the Autumn one!  I've been dying to do one for the fall, not that I'm tired of Easter Bunnies, Leprechauns and spring flowers!  I'm not!  I'm looking forward to receiving some beautiful springy PL's!  

But I just had a hankering to do a fall one.

I immediately stamped out some cute witches, pumpkins and owls.  I looked forward to diving into my Thanksgiving stuff I had acquired in anticipation.....but you never know where the journey will take you when you begin creating.  

What is Fall?  It's back to school, Thanksgiving, w
itches and goblins and hunting season. It's colorful leaves and nuts and berries, rich browns, oranges and maroons.  It's apple season.  

Can you pick out the pockets that represent the various categories? 

I hope she likes it.  I really enjoyed putting it together! 
I imagine it will get a few new touches before it goes into the mail tomorrow, but now I'm planning to make the next one.  I wonder where it will take me?  

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Artistic Gene is Ambushing Me

I am so into making pocket letters I can hardly think of anything else!  
It's not that they are so awesome, actually many are received with a perfunctory thank you, but I am just enjoying the process of creating!  

I might like to keep the one's I've made but I love receiving them too much! 

I have a fat notebook now with about fifteen P.L.'s stuffed with goodies for me to use in creating more of them!  It is just so much fun to go out to the mailbox
these days!  

This is one of my recent Pocket Letters that I sent out this week.  

The front of the Pocket Letter has a theme.  This one has a Frenchy Poodle theme. 

The back is stuffed with interesting items  that may or may not be part of the the theme.
When the goodies are removed, a nice background compliments the front.  
I keep the goodies intact and use them as needed and the background slowly appears on the ones that I have received.  

This week I did two Etegami postcards to match the theme
Remember.....Clumsy is celebrated!  
I have never tried to paint animals but I loved the saying!

Especially clumsy is this one!  
Would you go up into this Eiffel Tower? 

It's the way you are supposed to hold the brush that makes straight lines difficult!

Normally I just send them in the mail to brighten someone's day.

I have a friend in New Mexico with a horse ranch...Again, I had a big stretch to do 
this Etegami, I have never tried to do a horse before!  I'm not sending this one just yet, I'm going to try and do a better one to go along with it.

The "rules" of Etegami is they go out, mistakes, ugly or just bad.  What you might not like someone
else will enjoy receiving it and can pass it alone or mercifully toss it.

I like to do flowers.  Here are a couple that will go out with my two Asian Pocket Letters

And that my friends is my life right now!  

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