A Spring Visit to Spring Hill Botanical Garden

My last visit was in the summer and most of the blooms were different.  
This is what is blooming in April in Florida! 

While there I had to stop and pick up a geocache!

An interesting Mother Child sculpture

 This was quite the strange flower! 

A bit further back so you can see how it grows.

It was a nice visit but I missed many areas due to time constraints.

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We know that strange flower as a shrimp plant. Hawaii has all of those plants you posted! The first one is a shell ginger.
Kaisievic said…
Thank you so much for taking us to the Botanic gardens with you - beautiful pics.
Gemma Wiseman said…
such a lovely collection of emerging flowers. Love the delicacy of the first one. And a most appealing sculpture.
Ralph said…
The semi-tropical climate allows for lovely foliage, lovely colors we never see in New England - so pretty!
Anonymous said…
Lovely trip to the gardens. Enjoyed all the photos. We too call it a shrimp plant and we also get it in a red variety.
GreenComotion said…
Outstanding series of flower photos!
The Mother-Child statue is nice also.
Have a Happy Sunday!
Peace :)
Jim said…
Great shots.
Klara said…
lovely collection of beautiful flowers.
Rajesh said…
Very beautiful and colorful flowers.
Good Morning!! What a lovely post with so much eye candy!! Thanks so much for sharing and thanks so much for visiting!!

Pondside said…
A visit to a botanical garden is such a treat - such a lot to enjoy and such a lot to learn from it. Yesterday I visited a rhodo garden and was amazed at the varieties. It's certainly worth an afternoon!
Mascha said…
Beautiful flowers, some seems for me exotic...
Greetings from Germany
Al said…
Beautiful blooms - they're so colorful and tropical.
Okay that is one I am going to have to think about for next winter, I did enjoy my visit to Kanapaha
joyh82 said…
So pretty! We can't wait we are going to Orlando in about 8 days!!
Joy @ Books and Life
Jeanne said…
Hi Jeanne Marie, We were raised in Florida and then retired to the mountains of western NC. The best of both worlds is what we think. Lovely flowers grow in the warm weather. Thanks for sharing your special vacation.
xo, Jeanne
Nora said…
Lovely flower photos! So many pretty colors.

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