I've taken a wild chance and hopped aboard a ride that took me to Florida to make an impromptu visit to my mother. While in Florida I received an invitation to the christening of my great nephew. I decided to knit a vest for his gift. It's hot in Florida but it's also air conditioned to the max in restaurants where it's chilly for babies. Hence, a little cover for someone knit in a cotton blend. It was a hit and I heard ooh's and ahh's as it was opened. I was happy to hear that because before giving it....

I had felt the success of the previous vest, and had to make another! This time with a bamboo and wool blend and I was very pleased! I added the original pattern that I was too busy to bother with previously. I thought it would be hard to do while visiting and participating in conversations, but it was quite simple after all. Now I have a gift ready for the next baby to come along!

Now that I've been here almost three weeks, I must start planning my return trip home. It's so beautiful here in the spring. I'm now thinking of making the grand move as many others have. Retirement in Florida! Now that's a great idea!


Marushka C. said…
The vests are very cute -- they will make babies even cuddlier than they already are. Enjoy your visit!

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