Disney World's Polynesian Resort Hotel

When we first arrived at Disney World we took the boat over to the Magic Kingdom.  Mr. Bill remarked, as we passed the Polynesian Resort, he never had any desire to stay there.  It looked boring to him from the outside.  I hadn't thought much about it, but I did like the lit torches when we passed by on the monorail.  I decided this trip, since we had a free day, we would stop in and tour the three hotels on the line.  We toured the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian Resort and the Contemporary Resort

From a distance it doesn't look too exciting.  I could understand his lack of enthusiasm.  

When we stepped off the monorail however, the entrance was incredibly gorgeous.  The waterfall was something we hadn't noticed as it was somewhat hidden from the view of the passengers riding.
 It was framed by colorful blooms and multiply kinds of foliage.  Completely setting the stage for a visit in the South Seas.  

Inside the decor was tropical and spacious with overhead fans and brilliantly colored carpets.

In the center was a hill rock garden with waterfalls, orchids, colorful fish, airy foliage and other tropical flora.
It was breathtaking.  A large window overhead lit it naturally and all four sides were stunning.  

There was a gift shop inside
and you could take home wonderful art...for the right price! It was beyond our purse, but my photograph will suffice.  It makes a great desktop image.

The view out the window completely sold us on this resort.
We couldn't wait to stroll the gardens and see the swimming area.

At eye level and up close it was every bit as nice as we hoped.
It was Adventureland without the rides. I almost expected natives with spears to appear. 

It was steamy of course, yet breezy.  As with all things Disney, though...
everything is enhanced to be a very romantic experience.

We discovered a cute place while ambling about, to purchase refreshments.
I loved the view of a crazy tree outside.
You could order wine, beer or soft drinks and light meals.
Don't you just love these chairs?  

We hadn't had our traditional ice cream yet, so in addition to some very refreshing soft drinks
we indulged in chocolate mouse ears!  

A walk to the main swimming area took us face to face 

with a volcano where swimmers were sliding from within 
and splashing into the cool water. 

It was here we discovered the marina 
where boat rental was available.  They had pontoons as well as the little speed boats.

And farther down under a cabana, you can wait for a boat to take you to the Magic Kingdom.  
The captain was grumpy, which really amused us.  

We sailed away completely besotted.  So my Disney World tip:  While visiting Disney World, you are invited to spend up to four hours at any of the resorts touring the grounds and dining.  Maybe a trip to Hawaii or Tahiti isn't necessary.  Come and stay here for a few days!  You'll swear you vacationed in the South Seas!

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Paulette said…
I have enjoyed this property at Disney many times, it is indeed a wonderful place.
LV said…
What an adventure you had. I have never been there. I feel like I have now from tagging along with you through your lens.
Wow! I love the rock garden with its waterfalls, and those cute leaf chairs where y'all were eating the mouse ears!!
jeanne, my sis-in-law just came back from visiting Florida and she swore shes coming back again! she went to Disney too and got me a cute mickey mouse mug :D this polynesian hotel looks sooo authentic. mr bill sure looks like hes enjoying the chocolate mouse ears :)
Love this post! Visited Disney often when we lived in FL and did stay at the Polynesian once. We always loved visiting the hotels both on and off the monorail. Thanks for the memories.
Happy Rednesday!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful paradise to discover and enjoy! (Those chocolate mouse ears look pretty good, too.) It just goes to show that you really can't judge a book by its cover. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)
me said…
The Polynesian is extremely sentimental to me! My mom used to take me and my friends to stay at the hotel and swim, I was about 5-6 (that was 38 years ago). We also used to drive over for their sunday brunch A-Mazing!!!

Disney around Halloween is awesome! :)

Wendy :) (formerly from Salt And Wine)
This will be a great adventure for the whole family... hope to be there someday. Enjoy life!

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