Yard Sales

Yes, yard sales are a part of moving. A big part for me this time around. Not only do I have a garage full of merchandise from our business, but I have crammed a third of Pap Pap's estate into my house because January is not a good time for a yard sale or even an estate sale when you are clearing out a log house in the hills of Kentucky in the snow. Maybe I should ask Ruby if I could gift her these dishes?

This is part of the leftovers from Yard Sale #1. I marvel at what people don't want! A Brand new Williams Sonoma roasting rack priced at a measly $3.00? Pottery Barn linens in the original package? PBK backpack? OK, purple and orange are for everyone. Ah such is life.

This is the garage that has to be emptied. See the empty space in front? Yard Sale #1. The new house does not have a garage and our new shed will not be built for awhile. Does anyone feel sorry for me? Since I have knee issues, Bill has heart issues, Dianne and Chris has done the lions share of hauling the stuff in and out. Too bad it had to be done each night of the four day sale due to rain. They get gold stars for sure. Well..... I might change Dianne's to silver. She is insisting on emptying our two attics we have filled over the last 23 years in this house tomorrow. For next weeks Yard sale.


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