Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Incredible Cat, Mohawk

Our cat, Mohawk has just amazed me once again.  He is already known for surviving his early abuse so many times the vet who treated him named him Lazarus due to the many times he came back from the dead the first five months he kept him.  We adopted him when he was six months old and he came to live with us for a very long uneventful period of time.

Then a few years ago he surprisingly reared his head and refused to let a stray kitten come to live with us. It was all about Mohawk for awhile.  The stray cat, whom we named Bengal,  was adorable.  It became pretty stressful after we rescued her and brought her back to health.  Mohawk was adamant that Bengal would have to go.  We reluctantly found little Bengal a home and luckily get updates fairly frequently.

Last year he again cheated death.  The story is "here" in my blog and I won't repeat the harrowing months he endured due to his perchance for sneaking outside every chance he got.  You can read it at your leisure.  You won't believe it, but I swear it's true.

So once we got him to Florida,  he loved to go in and out at his leisure.  From the house to the covered and screened patio.  During the cooler months, it was fine to keep the door open and let him have his way but when the intense heat and humidity pressed us, the door had to remain closed but Mo preferred it outside anyway.

I noticed he was getting actually dirty by spending so much time out of doors.  I brushed him and that helped but yesterday, when inspecting him closely I decided it has become necessary that he must have a bath.

As far as I know, in his long life he has never had one.  I didn't know anything about bathing a cat.  After looking up tips online, we armed ourselves fully.  I had duct tape ready to cover those claws if absolutely necessary.  We cleared the counter of all things breakable or not.  We filled the sink ahead of time with nice warm water and geared up for the big struggle.  Mohawk is a BIG cat.  The guy where we board him  when we travel calls him The Gentle Giant.  He has a sweet nature, but I have heard stories of trying to bathe an older cat and I admit I was a bit nervous.

See how big he is??

But he didn't fight us at all.  We were stunned.  He allowed us to place him in the deep sink full of warm water and bathe him.  Not only that but he appeared to like it.  He leaned into my hand that was rubbing in the cat shampoo.  He was relaxed and enjoying all the attention.  He was PURRING the entire time.  We washed and washed him.  We even used the sprayer to rinse him and he didn't protest.  We rinsed forever.  Well, at least for about 30 minutes.  The water became cooler and he moved away from it, so we adjusted it to that nice warmish/hot spray and he relaxed again.  I'm confident every bit of the shampoo was rinsed off.

After toweling him dry he washed his face and paws and then fell asleep in the chair.

Later after he was all fluffy again he began grooming Gracie, our Black Lab, who was all upset over all the attention Mohawk was getting.  Really Mo?  Gracie is six times your size and is NOT a cat.  You are supposed to be traumatized and need comforting not the other way around.  

You know it's just kind of spooky.

What will we discover next about you?

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Pinterest Tip

I read a tip that to clean those ancient headlight covers that don't come clean with soap and water and have become opaque, just clean them with toothpaste instead of soap.  

Of course I hadn't noticed the headlight covers up until a day or two ago.   Hubs pointed them out and mentioned he was going to buy a cleaning product for them he heard about and if that didn't work, replace them.  He had just had the car washed and polished up and the windows were as opaque as ever.

So I tried it.


After cleaning it and polishing it dry, Viola!  You can see the light inside!

Pinterest saves the day....again!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Trade Off

There was nothing I loved more than my climbing roses when I lived in Ohio.  I planted them and they took off, blooming all summer into fall.  They bloomed year after year for many years without any special care.  

They would burst into bloom in June then sporadically bloom until fall where another rush of color would cover the branches. They were such a beautiful shade of red.  A true rosy red, so deeply pink they looked red from afar.

 It was especially nice because they were in the front of the house for all to enjoy. 

You can't bring flowers, even cuttings from the Midwest to Florida so I did without roses for a time.

Mother's Day came and I bought my mother a red rose tree.  It was the only  red rose tree available at the nursery.  Since I was also treating myself to a rose tree,  I had to chose another color.  Once home, I placed it here and there but I was never able to watch it closely or enjoy it.  It was always out of sight from inside the house.  

Yesterday I discovered I could see them, if I was at the far end of  the computer room so I moved the tree, in it's decorative container, closer to the window.  I crushed a few cactus that have fantastic blooms in the winter, but since they spread quickly, I didn't mourn them too much.  

So I traded my rosy red roses for a tropical "tangerine red".  

I'm more than pleased they survived.  This tree nearly died over the summer but it survived despite my neglect so that must mean I have found the right spot.  

And I can enjoy it from inside! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Unofficially Fall

It's unofficially fall because school is back in session.  Yesterday the children of Pasco County Florida officially returned to their classrooms.  I'm still overjoyed each fall that I am not among them.  Routine is the bane of my life and my free spirit chafes at being anywhere at 8:00 AM, let alone having to be there five days a week.

It's still summer according to the calander, and not only that, it's only halfway into the season.  I have never gotten used to children returning to school mid summer, we always returned the day after Labor Day.  September is autumn, yes, late September but lets not quibble about the dates.

With all the back to school hoopla, television and newspaper ads, video clips of busses trundling around and dire warnings to motorists, I feel fall-ish and celebrated by purchasing..well thrifting...my official mug for autumn 2012. 

The pumpkin color is perfect.  I appreciate the subtle art design, one I won't tire of.  The stoneware pottery with it's smooth texture.  The curled out lip, the generous handle with the beautiful design and the identifying mark of quality.  Replacement value $34.00 at Barking Spider Pottery out of North Carolina. 

All for the incredible price of $1.06. 

The color is actually a deep pumpkin, inbetween the "flash" color and "non flash" color,

Now there is only one thing lacking for this non student who will enjoy her coffee at 9:00 AM in her leather easy chair and the morning paper.  I'll want a bouquet of freshly sharpened brand new pencils for my crossword puzzle.  Oh, and a muffin for luck.  My Betsy-Tacy friends will know why. 

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Bippity Boppity Boutique - A Hot Disney Tip

In the midst of Cinderella's castle in Fantasyland is a very special corner of Disney World known as The Bippity Boppity Boutique where young girls are magically turned into Disney Princesses. 

A tapestry on the door announces it's location

A plethora of fairy godmothers are vying for the chance to work their magic which consists of a princess hair do, nail polish, new clothes and shoes.  Her wand may wave for all or any of these delicious endeavors. 

"Princess Gloria?" she inquires of the assembled company

and Miss Gloria will follow her through the archway

Where the magic takes place.

She has already made her choice of gowns and accessories while waiting,  from the enchanted closet

And emerge a gauzy princess in full regalia
too excited, too beautiful to be still. 

Her invitation to the ball awaits:

My hot tip?  When it's summer and the heat index is over 100 degrees there are many places to cool off.  None are as comfortable as our two hour wait on the upholstered sofa placed directly under the air conditioning vent.  It was better than a nap.  Even better than leaving the park for a swim and returning in the evening.  

The Bippity Boppety Boutique beat the blessedly cool restaurants with the hard chairs.  It beat the shady benches that do not offer air conditioning and it even beat the highly entertaining shows, attractions and such that last a mere 15 or 20 minutes after an long wait in line. 

A leisurely wait here on the lovely soft upholstered sofa, observing child after child being turned into princessess, excitedly choosing outfits, emerging completely transformed was very entertaining.  The wait for our princesses was a full two hours in which the mother and aunts took care of the questions, the return of several outfits, the hushing of a miniature quarrel or two.  Ginny and I simply rested, dozed and completely cooled off in the most comfortable place in all the kingdom. 

Not a single fairy godmother wondered who we belonged to or why we enjoyed to sofa so long.  Not once did one even hint "Begone!"   It was marvelous.

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