A Pinterest Tip

I read a tip that to clean those ancient headlight covers that don't come clean with soap and water and have become opaque, just clean them with toothpaste instead of soap.  

Of course I hadn't noticed the headlight covers up until a day or two ago.   Hubs pointed them out and mentioned he was going to buy a cleaning product for them he heard about and if that didn't work, replace them.  He had just had the car washed and polished up and the windows were as opaque as ever.

So I tried it.


After cleaning it and polishing it dry, Viola!  You can see the light inside!

Pinterest saves the day....again!


Denise Price said…
Thanks for your sweet comment on my Fry Guy scrapbook page!

I never would have dreamed of trying to clean headlights with toothpaste, but it looks like it worked. I'll have to keep that tip filed away in case I need it someday.
Wow! Isn't it amazing what you can learn on Pinterest? I'm pretty much addicted. :) I can't wait to try this tip!
Adri Hunt said…
Wow! That's good to know!!

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