A Trade Off

There was nothing I loved more than my climbing roses when I lived in Ohio.  I planted them and they took off, blooming all summer into fall.  They bloomed year after year for many years without any special care.  

They would burst into bloom in June then sporadically bloom until fall where another rush of color would cover the branches. They were such a beautiful shade of red.  A true rosy red, so deeply pink they looked red from afar.

 It was especially nice because they were in the front of the house for all to enjoy. 

You can't bring flowers, even cuttings from the Midwest to Florida so I did without roses for a time.

Mother's Day came and I bought my mother a red rose tree.  It was the only  red rose tree available at the nursery.  Since I was also treating myself to a rose tree,  I had to chose another color.  Once home, I placed it here and there but I was never able to watch it closely or enjoy it.  It was always out of sight from inside the house.  

Yesterday I discovered I could see them, if I was at the far end of  the computer room so I moved the tree, in it's decorative container, closer to the window.  I crushed a few cactus that have fantastic blooms in the winter, but since they spread quickly, I didn't mourn them too much.  

So I traded my rosy red roses for a tropical "tangerine red".  

I'm more than pleased they survived.  This tree nearly died over the summer but it survived despite my neglect so that must mean I have found the right spot.  

And I can enjoy it from inside! 


craftyles said…
The roses are beautiful! Love the tangerine color too.Happy Rednesday!
Unknown said…
Hi there, your roses are so pretty, and the leaves look healthy, so you must be doing something right!! :-)
My red running roses were pretty, until I told hubby that the ivy was taking over the porch. Next time I walked by Everything was cut back to the ground!! Sometimes.....
LV said…
My favorite flower, the rose. The ones you got to work for you there are gorgeous.
What glorious roses, Jeannie!
the red are my favorite, but, oh, how pretty your tangerine ones are, too!
Happy Rednesday, my friend,
how exotic! love flowers and love roses of all colors :)
I'm so glad you have roses to look at again. Such a beautiful color! I'm glad you liked my post about the honor stands I am finding here in Massachusetts. I have even seen a cooler full of fresh eggs for sale at the end of one driveway. Fun to be able to have a low maintenance business for the owners and so nostalgic for me.

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