Sunday, May 19, 2013

Birthday Time

 Jack turned 7 and Lucy turns 6 and this is their first big family birthday party.  When you are military, it isn't often you land in the middle of your extended family during birthday time.  A short vaca during the move to Alaska prompted this celebration!

The kids had a wonderful time in P-Pops pool.  

A kiddie fence is necessary around a pool.
 But with nine children and over half  of them under age four, this kiddie fence was screwed into the door jamb for the duration of the visit so no child could remove it or knock it over.  

One either climbed over or walked around the house.  For Mom, at 84, a quick hop over the fence seemed easier than the hot walk.  For the first few times anyway!  

The youngest of the nine children present, Andrew walked alone for the first time today.  By the end of the day he was almost running.  Hugs for G.G.!  

There was fishing going on down at the dock and Priscilla showed off her catch to everyone.  It was tossed back in after all had admired it and a huge Blue Heron swooped in an feasted on it moments later.  Ahhh the cycle of life. 

 P-Pops cooked supper single handedly for 40+ people

Then the orgy of presents began! 

Birthday Bucks are always appreciated to start off with! 

And no further pictures could be gotten with all the children crowding around the the two piles of gifts and cards and adults moving about keeping the area cleared of paper and ribbons.


Jack and Lucy blew out their own candles!

Pete and Rob were in the thick of the party able to jump up and assist at any moment.

While P-Pops and Pappo took clear advantage of a quiet backyard and escaped the madness of presents and mayhem going on in the living room with the other 38 revelers.  

Grandma G.G. really enjoyed her fill of great grandchildren and they enjoyed her!
Look at the big smile as they are saying goodbye!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Tale of the Scooby-Doo Food

My mom bought these to snack on while reading in bed.  She loves a little treat and especially a cinnamon snack.  

 Just as she pulled out the first pouch she saw the dog and and saw dog bone shaped "cookies" and hastily put them aside, laughing at herself for almost snacking on dog treats.  "I never knew dogs liked cinnamon" she chuckled.

She set them aside for my dog, Gracie and I took them home a day or so later.

We had a good laugh when she showed them to me and I opened a pouch as soon as I got home to give Gracie a treat.  The cinnamon sugar scent caught my attention and I looked again at the package.  They were Keebler.  Elves bake cookies not dog treats.

But these look exactly like dog bones.  

I read the nutritional statement.  Wait.  Nutritional statements are for people food.  
I wanted to taste test one, but had a very hard time biting into what looked like a dog bone.  I decided to call  the number on the package and verify for sure they were cookies.  I punched in the number but they were closed.  

I paced a bit.  I gave Gracie one and she gobbled it up like nothing.  Dog treats should be harder to chew, I thought, so I  screwed up all my courage and took a bite.  

They were cookies.  

I noticed the price tag was from Big Lots.  Big Lots sell items that didn't make it in the grocery store at full price.  $1.30 was pretty cheap and these were marked down again to half that.  So who was the genius at Keebler who thought this was a great new product?  Would you send these to school in your child's lunchbox?  I think not! 

Even Big Lots can't sell cookies shaped like dog bones!  

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Mom's Mother's Day 2013

We had a wonderful day, of course!  It's like magic to spend the day with my mom after living one to two thousand miles away from her for nearly forty years!  We have fun vacation pictures, but few holiday pictures together.  I love celebrating with her now, special days! 

Our gift!  
A Nifty Grabber!  

And a great meal out! 

Mom clowning at dinner! 

I had to get a shot in front of her beautiful flowers!

The sign from Patty & Wayne that she asked for to mark the
 area they landscaped when they were here in February.

She was very happy with it!  

Mom & me

Mom & Bill 

What is Mother's Day without cards? 

And a lucky strike extra!  Patty sent some flowers and some spending money!  

Janet sent a card and a gift card for several meals out and Karan, who was away sent her card and $'s in plenty of time so Mother's Day began early as the largess of cards and gifts and flowers arrived daily!    

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