The Tale of the Scooby-Doo Food

My mom bought these to snack on while reading in bed.  She loves a little treat and especially a cinnamon snack.  

 Just as she pulled out the first pouch she saw the dog and and saw dog bone shaped "cookies" and hastily put them aside, laughing at herself for almost snacking on dog treats.  "I never knew dogs liked cinnamon" she chuckled.

She set them aside for my dog, Gracie and I took them home a day or so later.

We had a good laugh when she showed them to me and I opened a pouch as soon as I got home to give Gracie a treat.  The cinnamon sugar scent caught my attention and I looked again at the package.  They were Keebler.  Elves bake cookies not dog treats.

But these look exactly like dog bones.  

I read the nutritional statement.  Wait.  Nutritional statements are for people food.  
I wanted to taste test one, but had a very hard time biting into what looked like a dog bone.  I decided to call  the number on the package and verify for sure they were cookies.  I punched in the number but they were closed.  

I paced a bit.  I gave Gracie one and she gobbled it up like nothing.  Dog treats should be harder to chew, I thought, so I  screwed up all my courage and took a bite.  

They were cookies.  

I noticed the price tag was from Big Lots.  Big Lots sell items that didn't make it in the grocery store at full price.  $1.30 was pretty cheap and these were marked down again to half that.  So who was the genius at Keebler who thought this was a great new product?  Would you send these to school in your child's lunchbox?  I think not! 

Even Big Lots can't sell cookies shaped like dog bones!  

Hooked up with Ivy and Elephants on their "Whatsthis" day.  Perfect huh?
Also Our Simple Farm , quite an interesting blog!


Paulette said…
I agree with you! People cookies/snacks should not be in the form of a dog treat.
Thanks for your comment on my blog Jeanne! I would love to do Rednesdays but not sure if I should. I emailed and have recieved no reply so I am really not sure what to do! ;( I don't want to take over and then step on anyone's toes.
Good Afternoon Jeanne, What a funny story, so your mother thought they were biscuits, then thought they were dog biscuits, then you realised they were biscuits.... did you manage to eat them in the end.
What a strange thing for a manufacturer to create biscuits which look like dog treats.... I don't think they had their brain in gear at the time, or maybe they were daydreaming about their dog!
I found you via Claudia's My Favourite Thing and I have enjoyed my visit and I have become a new follower.
I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! when you have the time.
Best Wishes from England,
Diane said…
I am amazed at some of the products out there. What about kids' erasers in the shape of a food? Not too brainy if you ask me.
LOL! I love this story, and you are right, who on earth would made bone shaped biscuits!

Upon further consideration, I guess if you were an orthopedic surgeon or a radiologist or a nurse or a medical person, MAYBE. Or possible an anthropologist, but a regular mortal? No. I would have thought they were dog treats, too. I just loved this story, though. it made me smile and chuckle.

Dropping by from Claudia's for a visit. And I'm so glad I did!


P.S. I just read that you are a new Florida resident. Welcome! We're in St. Augustine. xoxox
My name is Riet said…
This is so funny, you hesitating about having a bit in the cookie. LOL
Have a nice weekend.
RobinfromCA said…
Excellent! Although, I am a big enough cinnamon fan to eat them no matter what they look like! Pathetic? Maybe a little...
Have a lovely weekend,
I loved that story about your mom. My Mom is super fun too.
*evee* said…
That's so funny but come on Scooby snacks are the best and when have you seen dog treats with any cartoon character?

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