Visiting Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

It's a wondereful time of year to visit Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park, in Homosassa Springs, Florida but plan to go early in the day. 

The animals are always most active in the early morning.  Later in the day they tend to take siestas in the afternoon sun or maybe just get bored with the visitors.

The park opens at 9:00 a.m. and it's nice and cool for us too, the pathways are shady and sea breezes penetrate. 

Here you might do a double take as it looks like a face!

It's actually a photo of two owls and a tortoise!  

 The Roseate Spoonbill was in fine form today

 Look closely to see the spoon shaped bill

 Just taking flight! 

 The American Bald Eagles were regal

And I can never get enough of the flamingos 

I seem to have really focused on the birds this trip!  
More owls! 

I did not photograph the manatees except these two!  

 It's all fun though! 

My friend Ginny is visiting and must have a souvenir photo as well!!    

I can watch the flamingos all day!

A wildlife show about Opossums

It's a state park so the shows are done by volunteer rangers.

I learned that opossums are good to have around the house as they eat ticks!  They chase off other vermin and clean up the area because they eat dead animals! 

 Males are called Jacks and females are Jills and babies are Joeys.  
They are related to Kangaroos and Koala bears!  Who knew?

They have an many babies at once but only the first 13 survive.  A mama has only 13 nipples and once a baby latches on they stay on for two months.  All the rest are out of luck.

They never attack humans and are immune to rabies.  They sleep during the day and are only out and about at night.  Your chances of running into one are practically nil.  

So welcome them to your yard

For great shadow photos visit:
I'm also sharing with:
Saturdays Critters  who in today's post (Sunday) is posting about Homosassa Springs and her photos are fantasticl


Nonnie said…
the colors of the spoonbill are stunning! I am drawn to birds. how wonderful to have volunteers at this park.
thank you for visitng me.
Oh, so that's why when you see a mama possum, the babies are all latched to her! I never knew...
Leovi said…
Very good and fun, wonderful pictures! Happiness Is!
This is one of our most favorite parks to visit. It's awesome and the animals and birds are always fun to photograph! You took some great photos! Enjoy your day my friend. Hugs, Diane
eileeninmd said…
Hello Awesome post and wonderful photos. I love the owls with the tortoise. The spoonbill is a cool looking birds. I love this park. Lots of neat birds and critters to see. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day!
Ela said…
What a gorgeous place !! Lovely to these beautiful critters !!
Have a nice Sunday !
NatureFootstep said…
Thanks for sharing the Roseate Spoonbill. One o my favorite birds :)
Linda said…
What a beautiful place! Your photos are lovely; thank you so much for sharing. :)
VioletSky said…
I would love to see a roseate spoonbill some day - they are so odd looking!
Anonymous said…
i so enjoyed seein' all the pic's 'n don't reckon i realized that the eagles were native to yer neck of the woods? yepperz, i'd been there til they threw me out, lol. what a true delight to see all those fabulous critters all in one place.
Gattina said…
Was an interesting visit ! I like the owls !
Ann said…
The spoonbill is beautiful, a perfect shade of pink.
LV said…
Glad you allowed us to enjoy a small portion of this park with you.

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