The More the Merrier!

In the Latter part of May, on the 21st my granddaughter Lauren graduated from high school in Ohio.

I said goodbye to my daughter Shelly and family in North Carolina and drove onward to the next family graduation.  The graduation of my daughter Shelly  is documented HERE

On the way I stopped to admire Pilot Mountain, made famous by The Andy Griffin Show!
(I also found a cache at the lookout point! )

It was a nice quiet drive and I stopped often to look for a geocache or simply to stretch my legs.  Traveling alone is not difficult for me and this trip was nice as I have a later model car now that I love to drive. 

My daughter, Dianne and Son in law Chris with Lauren.
Proud parents!  Lauren is their oldest and first to graduate!

The ceremony was small, just a hundred and fifty or so students.

Then returning to her seat.

We were all busting our buttons!  Here I am with my daughter in law Rachel

On to the party the following Sunday May 24th, Dianne and Chris had an open house to celebrate Lauren's graduation.

Dianne knocked herself out catering it herself.  She had a taco bar at this end and on the other end she had hot barbecue and baked beans.  Lots of salads, two large platters of sandwiches, cheese & crackers and pretzel bread with dips, fruit and desserts!

Outside she had a cotton candy machine and fresh popped popcorn!
This area was quite a popular area!  Shelly and I manned the station off and on.

The Patio table held her awards and a box for cards, behind us you can see the tent they bought to help with seating.  It was full most of the afternoon as there were about a hundred guests filtering in and out.  The drink station was just next to it, serving all kinds of soda pop and specially labeled water bottles with Lauren's name in school colors with her mascot!

 The cake was beautiful, each layer a different kind of cake.  There were also fortune cookies and frosted graduation themed sugar cookies with Lauren's name on them.

The kids took advantage of the net to play volleyball and badminton
and put the trampoline to good use!

 Her college mascot!  Lauren is going to Western Kentucky University

 It was a perfect day weather wise too, sunny and warm, but not too hot!

The childhood swings were back in use!

And no self respecting outdoor party is complete in Ohio without a corn hole game or two in progress!

 The family members commandeered the living room to relax, chat and swap stories.

Guests from as far away as North Carolina and Bowling Green Kentucky.

I loved the signs held up when photos were taken!  Many took them home!

Dianne let me help with making them, so easy and fun!  Cutout heavy cardboard conversation balloons and use pre-cut letter stickers to personalize it.  We taped wood dowels on the backs and placed them all in a vase out under the tent for selfies with Lauren!

May 24th was also my birthday.  I didn't want to take away from the day, but my daughters bought me my favorite coconut cake for breakfast and later, after the open house was over and Lauren's guests had gone, we had a little celebration and opening of gifts!

Now, before she leaves for college, Lauren is in Peru at this time on a school trip!  She will spend eleven days touring Peru, the cities, the ruins, hiking and exploring, having the time of her life!

Off beginning her new life!

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Blue Monday! 

Even with school colors of green, black and white I still found some blues peeking out. 

Ivy and Elephants

Because this is what I've been doing!


Rebecca said…
Wow! What a celebration! Your daughter is amazing! And Peru!?! What a graduation destination! (I sure used a lot of exclamation points, didn't I?)
LV said…
You and familiarly had an great time and so much fun at the special occasion. So happy for all.
SmilingSally said…
Well, Happy Birthday, Jeannie Marie! My birthday is May 26th, so we're practically twins!

Thanks for playing today.

Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!
Gattina said…
Congratulations ! what a nice party you had and certainly a lot of fun !
Happy birthday! What a great time for the whole family.
Looks like such fun. Congrats to your beautiful, Lauren!

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