The New Dining Out

When Food Trucks are Successful

This place started out as a food truck on the side of the road and just grew and grew

They have a wonderfully colorful sign with flags and landscaping

The ruby reds are so vivid I had to get a close up

 They traded a truck for a trailer and enclosed it adding a patio

It's outdoor dining at it's finest, as it is way, way out in the country where five streets intersect.
Did I say the meal was to die for?  

 We drove at least thirty minutes out of Fayetteville, NC to dine here.  
The meal was worth every mile.
We all bought something different and shared.

A perfect post for my first Ruby Tuesday Too party in a long while.
  Every photo includes a red jewel of some sort!

I'm a little wordy for Wordless Wednesday...but no one is perfect! 

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Gattina said…
Now I want to eat one !!!
Jill Foley said…
This makes me want to eat at a food cart soon...we have great ones here in Portland.
NCSue said…
Yum - I bet these were tasty!
Thanks for sharing these photos at
I'll have to make a note of this place for when we are traveling in NC. Sounds yummy! Enjoy your week my friend. Hugs, Diane
I love out of the way places like this! The owners are smart to transform it and it's cute!

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