Court of Honor

Court of Honor for
Eagle Scout
Kyle Willis

Less than 7% of all Scouts attain the highest rank of Eagle.  When a Scout completes all the requirements a Court of Honor is held to award him this rank.  

Members of troop 75 in North Carolina 

Saluting the American Flag during the pledge

Lighting of the candles and reciting the Scouts Law

 Kyles former Scout Leader Stan La Perriere conducting the ceremony

 Pinning the newest Eagle Scout

 Pinning his mom and dad is a vow to rededicate himself to living the
Scouts Oath.

The audience was asked if they would like to say anything about the life and character of the honoree.

He had several members of his troop speak 

Friends from his church speak 
as well as family members and other scout leaders.  

I also spoke on behalf of my late husband.  Normally I would not get up in front of a crowd but I knew he would have been the first one up there to tell him how proud we were of him and his accomplishments.

Afterwards Stan presented him with his certificate

 A table display with his great grandfathers memorabilia from Boy Scout Troop 1 Butler, PA

along with many of his own items there and on other tables.

 His great grandfather top row far left

The letter that started it all that his great grandfather wrote to him when he began Scouting

A framed certificate of Kyle's great grandfathers certificate

A lovely buffet dinner was spread out over four tables for all the guests.
A manly feast of Sub sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit and vegetable trays, chips and dips, pretzels and cheese dips and a beautifully decorated cake in his honor.  
The tables were all covered in Scout colors with centerpieces filled with snacks to enjoy before, during and after the ceremony. All of which I failed to photograph! 

It was a wonderful afternoon that included many members of his family, all his aunts and uncles, friends from near and far.  

Congratulations Kyle!   

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What a wonderful day. Great pictures, congratulations grandma.
Sarah said…
Congratulations to Kyle! Eagle Scout is a fine accomplishment. I know you are proud. My dad and brothers were Eagle Scouts, so I know how special this is.
Thanks for sharing this for Blue Monday.
SmilingSally said…
Hi Jeannie Marie,

A big pat on the back for Kyle! My nephew just attained the same level as Eagle Scout; the family is super proud. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday!
Annesphamily said…
A nice tribute and very proud time for Lyle. Have a good week and thanks for sharing.
What a wonderful accomplishment! I know you are proud! Hugs!

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