To Amuse Myself

I don't decorate for Valentines Day these days but this week, I decided to put up a garland 
in honor of Valentine's Day that suited me

It was an impromptu gesture and I just used some fine twine and colorful paperclips

 Do you feel the itch to straighten them? 
I liked it better this way than perfectly aligned.

It's nothing special but it amuses me,
now that I'm on my own via widowhood
to bring out my vintage...OLD MAID cards!

This is what is fun about thrifting.  You never know what you'll find!

Who remembers this series of cards from the 50's!

Do you remember your favorite card?  Mine was Molly Moo

Favorite picture of the week!

Total serenity!  

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Kirby Carespodi said…
Oh, My, Gosh, I had those exact same cards! So here I am with tears in my eyes because they bring back such good memories from home. (My ninth-graders are probably wondering what the heck is going on. They are supposed to be working.)
Jeannie Marie said…
Oh that makes it worth it all to have a response like this! That's how I felt when I saw them too!
Unknown said…
LOVE these .... we didn't have that exact same set, but something very similar. THanks for sharing!
Hi Jeannie, your nautical mantel is very cute and whimsical. The seashore is one of my favorite places, but living in Missouri we don't get there too often. We did go to Destin this past June though.
Thanks for your recent visit to my Antique Oil portrait and for your opinion on her name. I actually had a great grandmother named Maud, and have a hatpin with that name on it! :)
Take care,
Your fire place is beautiful, I love it and of course, the mantel nautical décor as well.
The banner with the old cards is awesome. Many memories as I've seen those back in the day.
Mrs.T said…
The set of Old Maid cards that I have is a bit newer -- from the 1960s, I guess. I liked the one with a waitress called "Careless Carrie" because I have a daughter Carrie.
Deanies Stash said…
I love the simplicity of the garland! I always wanted to be the girl that wore the mink stole, I think her name was Fifi Fluff or something like that. LOL!
Connie said…
Oh my goodness. I had those cards when I was a kid and I was just telling my friends about them the other day while playing "nine hole golf", the card game. I have been searching the internet for a deck. Could you send me the manufacturers name, so that I can condense my search. I love these.
Happy to meet you.
Connie :)

I played Old Main as a child and played with all three of my kids.
I can't remember all the guys on our card deck to pick a favorite.
I play now with my little grandsons
LV said…
Anonymous said…
How fun! That was certainly a creative way to make the house festive for the holiday. I can't say that I ever had a favorite. Thanks so much for joining me at Friday's Hunt.
Annesphamily said…
I like those cards on your mantle. Very clever idea. HPS and enjoy your weekend.
Unknown said…
Love that mantle. Did not have those cards. I grew up in the 50's but don't recall ever seeing those. They are very interesting. As I read above I guess they are Old Maid cards and I do remember those. Once I realized that I had cold child. Used to play with my Nana. Have a great week. Enjoyed your post.
bj said…
I wish I could count the hours family and friends played this game with me. haha
we had such fun with it...
happy pinks
Decor To Adore said…
Oh my gosh Jeannie Marie this post made me smile with delight! I do remember Old Maid cards. I adore the idea of creating a garland. SO clever.

I would love for you to link this post up on the inaugural post this Thursday of "Thoughts of Home on Thursday". I think readers would enjoy it so much. There is also a giveaway associated with it. Each person who links up will be entered to win. Hope to see you there.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Oh my goodness Jeannie...LOVE what you did with the cards!! So creative. Hope you are having a great PINK Saturday!
Your garland is a cute idea! I would love seeing one with antique Valentine cards too! Love the beautiful fountain photo as well.
Too funny! Love the whimsy ~ thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!
I love your banner! How fun is that?! I remember the game but don't the characters.
Rebecca said…
What a clever idea! I really like your mantel, etc. And yes, I remember the game and (maybe) those same cards!
Jim said…
I like your garland, Jeannie. At first I was looking for the hearts. I may steal, but give you and your post credit, them for my "G" if I'm still alive and able. Mine will be the heart cards so as to be a little differen. I think we have our Old Maid cards but my sister may have them. They would be late 30's or early 40's. For sure we have some from the 70's that we had when our youngest daughter was young.
I'm sorry I didn't return your Warm Heart sooner. Thank you for peeking in on my 'auto-posted' "Found Money" post. It would have worked for my "F" post also but I have another. We have been on a Caribbean cruise with limited Internet. Oops, I think that would have been Wednesday's post, you saw the "Fridge" post.
I'm having a cardio procedure (AAA stent graft endoleak repair Thursday so if I'm ready I'll auto post again this week.
Cath said…
I loved that game and had the cards but not sure if they were the same....I love how you have made a garland with them and I agree, I like how they are not perfectly aligned! Thanks for sharing.
Kaisievic said…
Oh, I had forgotten all about Old Maid - I had a set of those cards, too. Such memories seeing them again!
Laura said…
Isn't it fun to find something thrifting that has meaning to us and then use it in our home?
That is one of life's great pleasures.
As a girl, we played Old Maid a lot-

Thank you for joining our party Thoughts of Home on a Thursday!

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