Snail Mail Recently Received

I have been really enjoying my foray into the world of snail mail.  

This is my first postcard from Postcrossings!  
My favorite part were the wonderful stamps on it!
It came from Oregon and I met a new friend with twin boys!  

I joined in January and have sent out five postcards now.
  This first postcard was very exciting to receive!
Postcards take quite a while to travel and one must 
be very patient in this instant age!  

I sent one to Taiwan this morning to a young man interested in lighthouses.
Well, heavens!!  He hoped I would send a postcard with a lighthouse for his collection.   I didn't have one for him on hand so I sent one with a photo my son in law took on a visit to the Outer Banks.
I used an app on my phone, Postagram that my sister Karan, the world traveler discovered and shared with me.
The receiver doesn't have the fun of great looking stamps with this app,  but at least my new pal in Taiwan won't have a duplicate postcard since the picture is an original.  He has quite an extensive lighthouse postcard collection.  

I love Postagram because it's instant and
 it only costs $1.99 to send an international post card including postage.  
The app is free.  Domestic cards are only .99  (I'm not connected with them in any way
A free ad for them!  Just because I like them!)

So then I learned about Pocket letters!!

 This is my first POCKET LETTER!  

 I received it from Jill a longtime blog friend.  I loved her post on Pocket Letters 
and asked her more about them.  Since them they have consumed me!  I have sent out three and have four more almost ready to go!  I found swap partners on Pocket Letter Pals on Facebook
and on the Pocket Letter Pals webpage.
This one was truly amazing noting how personalized it was as Jill lives in Canada and I live in Florida.

Inside, the pockets are filled with little treasures, like tea and thin chocolates, gifts for making more Pocket letters like fancy tapes and stickers and wise proverbs and stencils and sequins and all kinds of interesting pictures etc.  They are so fun to unpack!  

Each pocket letter received is different and shows the artistic creativity of the individual.

This is my second pocket letter received!  

Jill's longtime penpal and also a member of Pocket Letter Pals on Facebook, asked if I would like to 
swap and of course I said yes!  She is also from Canada  and her pocket letter was once again, 
so FUN to unpack!!  Each pocket held something different!  And I loved how she created pockets on the cards to tuck little gifts into.  I'm already using that idea  on the last few I've made! 
 My favorite gift from Carol were a supply of cutouts of the mason jars she used in different patterns.    But it is hard to choose a favorite when there are so many delightful things tucked into each pocket!

Yesterday I received another post card.  This time from Indonesia! 

Now isn't that great to find in the mail amongst the ads, circulars and bills?  
She had fun stamps, and a personalized Hello Kitty ink stamp and look!  Down through the middle decorative washi tape!   A month ago I had no idea what that was, now I love it!  

I learned to say How are you in Indonesian and used that knowledge already (in my emailed note to let her know it arrived!)  

Now I'm looking forward to the mail again as I used to before the internet when long newsy letters would arrive and pictures would come in the mail from far away sisters and my mom.  

The joy of snail mail! 

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Pondside said…
Snail mail is still just the best! It looks like you are having a lot of fun with the pocket letters. Some people have such good ideas.
Your pocket letters are wonderful! Certainly a lot of thought went into creating them and I can imagine your delight as you opened each one. You are making friendships around the globe.

Annesphamily said…
These are so wonderful and I am always loving the stamps that are so different in other countries. Good to see you here and always enjoying this. I love writing cards and letters. Have a great weekend. Hugs!
Cariboocarol said…
Wow, that person has neat handwritIng.....I wonder if people will be able to read the cards I send!!!
Glad you enjoyed the pocket letters. Let me know when or if you want more mason jars!
rebecca said…
Oh, my! I agree about the stamps being so fascinating!
And the pocket letter looks very interesting & fun.
I can't imagine the time that went into making it.
Patty said…
I love this idea of making new friends and sending "snail mail"! Something to look forward to doing, especially when I retire in just 10 months! You always find such great things to do, Jeanne!!
Diane Writes said…
Oh yes! The happiness of snail mail :-) I love that you get to build another circle of friends through letter writing.
Unknown said…
I need a postcard from youuuuuuuu❤️❤️❤️
Love it! The lost art of letters and letter writing. Thank you for sharing!
Gattina said…
I hope for you that the card will arrive ! I am still waiting for a Christmas card sent 2 years ago from South Africa, lol ! And the last postcards from family in Italy took 8 weeks to arrive ! They could have walked them over ! Snail mail has become a catastrophe !
How fun and creative! Since we travel and have our mail forwarded monthly this wouldn't be a good hobby for me, but I still love the idea . I have pretty much forgotten about the excitement of snail mail! Life is full of compromises and at this point in life, our traveling is still worth it. I am thinking though about how wonderful this would be for shut-ins.
Rajesh said…
I used to collect stamps. But in the world of SMS, email the regular postal service is loosing its sheen.
joyh82 said…
Incredible collection! Hope you have a great week!
Joy @ Books and Life

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