DIY Adorable Tissue Covered Envelopes

This was so fun to do!  It's not pink but this is fall!

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Great idea! I will keep this in mind for a junk journal page. I am always using envelopes..and always need a decoration idea for them!
Unknown said…
Nice job Jeanne!!!
Susan said…
Love the tissue paper covered envelopes, Jeannie Marie. Just very festive and fun! How do I subscribe to your videos? Susan
Patty said…
The things I learn from my sister! I'll have to try this! I wonder if plain white glue would work?
Jeannie Marie said…
Patty, Yes, you can use glue, but thin it really well with water first.
bj said…
what a great it.
Re: Uncle Otis lived in Calif while we lived in West Texas. Every year about this time, my mom would get a big box from him, full of the best walnuts we ever ate....I sure miss them...but I miss my mama and uncle more. boo hoooo
bj said…
good luck on the sign, Jeannie

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