Play and Dabble in the Arts!

I have found it's much more fun to make one large background for a number of ATC cards than trying to do each one individually.  Each card is still different from all others and had painted.

Artist Trading Cards are fun to make and trade too.  They are perfect to include in a Christmas card as well.  Everyone enjoys receiving a gift!

I couldn't add the much shorter "part two" to the original so had to make two videos.  Hope you enjoy!!

This summer we visited some magnificent cemeteries looking for family. 
I was astounded at some of the beautiful markers. 

Shadows over family graves.  

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Rajesh said…
The cards are beautiful.
I, for one, love visiting grave sites even if I don't know anyone there. I also find that they are a great place to find lovely shadows!
Annesphamily said…
Beautiful post Jeannie Marie and I appreciated your kind and wisdom filled words at my blog too. It is always lovely to visit friends here. I enjoyed these photos, graves are always very interesting to visit, I visit my phamily plots when I travel home. My great grandfather is buried at our hometown local cemetery and his grave has been sinking. He passed away in 1938 if I recall. His headstone is written in Slovenian. My daughter's friend attended law school in MA. and she lived near a famous cemetery where the likes of a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Paul Revere were buried. I am praying for America. We truly are at a crossroads.
I love your journal video. I just don't know where to start with making a journal. I have a ton of crafting supplies. ANy ideas? What kind of journal do you start with?
I am here:
I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care. Joyfully, Anne
baili said…
Wow you did wonderfully .
This is lovely card

Semeteries are fascinating. This is great.
You captured well
baili said…
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