My Christmas Junk Journal

Working on a Christmas Junk Journal.  It's called a junk journal because it's made from junk papers.  The pages are not junk, the thoughts are not junk, the embellishments are not junk.  Only the materials it's made of are leftover papers, envelopes and cards that are normally tossed out.

Actually the embellishments are sometimes junk materials, like used wrapping paper...stamps and stickers on the envelopes I receive.  I peel them off and reuse them!

Why not save everything and creatively use it!


rebecca said…
Fun! (I don't like perfection much either!
Honestly now, how long does your glue last? Do you use different kinds of glue or primarily ModPodge?
Michelle said…
You are very creative!
Jeannie Marie said…
My preference is a glue stick, I like Elmers but wish is were white glue not school glue. I use tacky glue a lot also. I also like double sided tape. I have it all! I go through more glue sticks than anything.
Patty said…
I like this Junk Journal with all the Christmas stuff! A nice way to save a few special Christmas items (glad to see my picture tag for your present made it in the journal!) :) A good way to use your sparkly, special stickers!

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