Spending Time with Charlie Daniels

Last night I got to spend a little time with Charlie Daniels.....as an audience member...of course! I was up close and personal! It was a great show! He is a wonderful entertainer. My best friend purchased tickets awhile back but her friend couldn't go and I was up here in Ohio early so I was given the seat! I have not listened much to country music once I grew up, but I still enjoy it and enjoyed the show. He played a couple of cover songs, a tribute to Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen. Also How Great Thou Art. He is a wonderful fiddle player! He didn't miss a note on the fiddle but missed a few words on the songs....he is 80 now and still touring full steam. The big hat and sunglasses onstage were probably the only thing I didn't like. I couldn't see his face. But all country stars wear their hats! The sunglasses probably were to protect his eyes from stage lights. Which actually I was not a fan of those audience lights! His light show flashed bright white on the crowd when making a point and that was hard on my eyes. But the singing an fiddling and the band features were all very enjoyable and I'm so glad I went. Your favorite country star?


Michelle said…
I saw Charlie Daniels at the Grand Old Opry a couple of years ago. What a performer!
How fabulous! I love country music...and Charlie D.!!!

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