How to make and Preserve Scented Fruit

Scented fruit has been made for centuries, a luxury item that people treasured. Air fresheners are well and good, but the scent is gone in minutes, it must be reapplied over and over. Even solids or plug in's eventually run out of steam and must be replaced.

Fruit that is preserved with whole cloves and drenched in spices can last for years. This spicy scent makes winter more enjoyable while we are closed in and confined to a few rooms. Later when the windows are open and the fresh air wafts through the house, the light scent floats along with it. The fruit can be stored later in boxes, trunks or cupboards that will maximize the lingering scent.

I have published the article and The directions to making your own scented fruit are here:

It's a wonderful winter project for children, something that will brighten an overcast day and teach them the secrets of preservation.


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