My New Years Day Lucky Meal

When I was growing up we did not have a special meal for New Years Day. If my mother prepared a lucky dish, I never got the message. She may have, I was pretty lucky to marry into a family that did have a lucky dish.

I didn't feel lucky at the time because I did not like sauerkraut and my mother in law insisted on at least a bite every New Years Day. If we were not together, she would call and check to see if we we making it. I loved my mother in law and she was a good cook, but her sauerkraut was always just heated from a can.

I thought sauerkraut was too tangy, crunchy and horrible to eat and only fixed it for New Years Day. For ten years I suffered and cursed the tradition. I was never happy about New Years dinner.

Then we moved to Saginaw Michigan and I met a friend, Sonja, who had been born and raised in Germany. Click here for the rest of the story


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