The Belle of the Ball

I felt like we three sisters were Ladies-in-Waiting as we gathered at Mom's house early on Saturday to see her off to her special evening, dinner and celebrating the 25th anniversary of her Sweet Adeline's Chorus.  Mom is a charter member and honored guest.

I arrived first by showing up so early Mom was still in her PJ's!  She rallied and rustled up some hot coffee for me and a chocolate doughnut.  We chatted and I brought out my knitting.  It was going to be a day to remember!

Karan arrived shortly after.  She is our organizer!  She  helped by putting together the outfit and helping choose the contents of  Mom's  new silver handbag and the silver bag of goodies she was taking.  No last minute rush and forgetting anything.  Mom brought her special pins, photos and sparkly decorations that she had saved over the years that she sang with the Sweet Adeline's.  She would bring these out and share them with her longtime friends at the dinner.  Karan volunteered to press the slacks Mom planned to wear, early in the day.  A little drama here, but Karan sorted it out quickly.   I was knitting and observing...

Janet arrived later in the afternoon while Mom was dressing.  She  competently took charge of her hair, pinning it all up neatly and spraying the heck out of it.  She advised about the makeup and insisted she change her everyday mocha for on a beautiful shade of raspberry lipstick.  The advice was spot on, the color was perfect and gave mom  just the right look.   I was still knitting, but very interested in watching all the fun occasionally calling out suggestions and asking Mom to twirl.

Then I was asked to help select her jewelry.  I could do that!  The silver necklace Shelly picked out for her (and all of us sisters) encircled the last pendent my dad gave her and hung on a sparkly sterling chain.  We added a long silver rope lariat with a dove and rooted further in the jewelry box and found a beautiful lacy silver chain Janet had given her years ago.  Perfection!

I then got out my camera and began taking pictures!  Mom is such a ham!  She kicked up her heels in excitement as usual!  Mom loves parties! 

Janet and I drove her in her chariot to the ball and dropped her off at the door with good wishes for a fun evening.  Her worries about being too dressed up vanished as she joined a host of other bedazzled chorus members entering the building.

Three hours later, at the bewitching hour, nine bells tolled as we drove back to pick her up in the frosty dark starry night.  Well, as frosty as it gets in Florida in October when the temperature drops to the depths of 75 chilly degrees.  I wished with all my heart I had brought my camera.  I expected a droopy Cinderella to emerge, but not so!  She and her best friend, Edie came skipping out, eyes sparkling wearing silver corsages and special pins.   They were laughing together and dashing for the car with hopes we would drive Edie home.

Of course we would!

The clambered in and chattered like magpies, sparkling with fun as they related how wonderful the evening was.  Edie was a vision in dazzling blue glamour.  Mom and Edie were each topping the previous story and laughing all the way home.  Not a word about being tired, sleepy or needing a pill.  Vivacious and happy they related the evening to Janet and I in glorious detail.

When we arrived at Edie's home, on the way to the door she stopped and picked a fresh scented rose from her rose tree and gave it to me.  The gift couldn't have been nicer.

A lovely evening ended just as happily as it began, the anticipation completely fulfilled. A rarity in this old world.

 When she was safely home, I thought It will be a day to remember that my beautiful mother can look back on for years to come.   I picked up my knitting and added another row.


Patty said…
What gorgeous pictures! I almost feel like I was there too! Mom was still relaying all the dazzling details a few days later on the phone! Thanks for the telling of the details of the day!
Jennettehogan said…
Awww, Grandma looks so beautiful!! I miss you guys!!!

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