Hooray! AARP R Us

I see by my membership card (which is expired) that I have been a member of AARP  since 1997.  We just renewed the membership in July and they sent us stickers for the cards to show we are current members.

This was news to me.

I had no idea we were members.  I thought it was an ad and threw out the page with the renewal stickers.  Hubs came along a few days later and asked me for the stickers I threw out.  Now that he is retired he is interested in taking time to use discounts and coupons.  He was shocked we no longer had them and called and got them to send us out new ones.  I believe we are to look for them in a mere six weeks.  

I've been traveling and eating out and living as a senior now for quite a few years and the only time I have received a discount anywhere because of my advanced age was getting a senior coffee at McDonald's for thirty nice cents.  True, you only  get the small coffee and it's just a few swallows, but hey, it's only thirty nine cents.  And...if you sit in the restaurant you get free refills.

Oh yeah...and once (just last summer), I went to Skyline Chili and the crew member at the window said.. "I can give you a 10% discount on your two chili dogs." I asked why and she told me it was a senior discount.  Either my wrinkles betrayed me or my gray roots.  Probably both.   I was going to remember to go back, but haven't yet.  Chili dogs are not my meal of choice when I'm out and I'm hungry.

All & all  I haven't benefited much in the Senior Department.

So I was happy to learn that when we travel to Ohio for the wedding, our hotel is giving me an $8.00 discount.  Per night! That's $16.00 for the two nights we are in a hotel.  It completely covers the 12.50 renewal fee and then some.  Hubs will be happy to hear that.  He is just so gung ho on this card!

We still have a ways to go before we recoup the entire fourteen years of membership, but now that I know we have a card, it might just happen!


Willis Family said…
Hubs? I think your to old to say that. Of course I don't know anyone who says that so maybe your just the right age. Regardless I hubs reminds me of hubcaps.
Patty said…
Can't make myself join AARP - they are not on the political side of my fence! Now, AMAC is another story! Check them out!

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